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How Companies Like Netbase Help Businesses Meet Their Goals Using Social Media Analytics

Depending on who you ask, social media analysis can be a lot of things. It can be unreliable, constantly changing, murky, messy, valuable, insightful, essential and more. While social media analytics can essentially be all of those things at the same time, there are ways for businesses to use it for meeting their goals. It needs to be done properly, and it takes making sense out of all of the text, acronyms, GIFs, videos, abbreviations, jargon and slang mixed in. Many might even call it useless, unstructured information. However, the right tools in the right hands can make the benefits endless.

Social Media Analytics- What Is It?

Social media analytics works similarly to the way it sounds. It gathers data from various social media platforms businesses are connected to and uses it for analysis. Manually, this would be an impossible task. The role of social media analytics tools is to take the data gathered and turn it into useful content that businesses can use to make informed marketing decisions going further.

Benefits Of Social Media Analytics

Overall, analytics from social media can help businesses meet their goals. They can use the data to evaluate how their social media marketing campaigns are performing. Using the results of the analysis, businesses can find ways to improve their operations and grow. Accurately collected data can allow for a strong strategy to be created and implemented. It can also help companies improve their customer service experiences, build brand awareness and increase satisfaction with their customers.

How Businesses Can Use Social Media Analysis To Improve:

  • A significant benefit of social media analytics is that it can help businesses target audiences. For example, a streaming media and gaming website used analytics to find niches in their audience who are more interested in certain types of video games. It offered them insight on how they could improve ad strategies.
  • Consumer choices are significantly impacted by brand awareness. Using deep insights found in the analysis, companies are able to find out how consumers feel about them and make changes to their methods when needed.
  • A thorough analysis can help companies find weaknesses and problems within their organization. A social media analysis can also highlight trends so that businesses can avoid a potential brand crisis in the future.
  • Analytics can also help a business learn from their competition. The data collected can be monitored and used to figure out what competitors are doing. It can also be used to research what their customers are responding to and what to avoid.

The vast amount of social information available to the public online allows businesses to make informed decisions about their marketing campaigns that will offer the best results. Consumer behavior and satisfaction can be greatly improved using social media analysis tools.

How Companies Like Netbase Help Companies Meet Their Goals

Netbase is a social media analytics platform that has won many awards helping companies around the globe gain brand awareness, build their businesses and connect with their customers day and night. The platform is able to process posts from millions of social media accounts and collect the data for businesses to use.

The data Netbase collects for businesses allows them to make actionable business decisions for market research, sales, customer service, product innovation and public relations. The data is delivered to their clients in real-time so business decisions can be made at any moment. They are able to work with businesses of all sizes and can scale to meet your data needs. Actionable customer insights can be researched by leveraging expert systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their platform is powered fully by next-generation AI to deliver a maximum return on their client’s investment.