How can you promote your product on Facebook to sell online?

Facebook is the best platform to promote any product or business, in which you can add your product very easily and attract clients to you. About 51% of people now prefer shopping online when businesses promote products online. But the challenge comes to you when you try to promote products online. Competition is intense and often global. Finding the right method for you and your business is the difference between paying a constant acquisition cost and making a profit in the ecommerce marketplace. The better you align with digital marketing methods, the better the ROI. Now, here are some of the best ways to promote some products online and see how your business will benefit.

Social media advertising platform

Some of the social media apps for advertisement are such that you can advertise your busines, Facebook, Instagram, PinTest, Linkeldn etc. Facebook is the best among all these apps as 52% of its product sales can be attributed to Facebook. About 75% of the buyer indicates with a brand that they buy from place on social media. According to Nuestra, Pinterest ads are 30% more effective than other display ads with 5x sales. Pinterest gave a brilliant 28: 1 ROI.

To ads on Facebook

First consideration is a Facebook average cost-per-click (CPC) is $ 0.40. With a low cost, you can promote products for a minimum of $ 10 per day if you have a good conversion rate. Depending on a few factors, it may be possible to increase your costs. It is important to consider them to make the most of Facebook advertising.

Second consideration is think about how many more ads you see for some special type of products before Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas. If you are trying to tap into a seasonal market, you can expect the cost to be high.

Rules to know about advertising

You can promote any product through Facebook. But they draw some boundaries. Facebook does not allow you to sell the following through its advertising system:

  • Illegal, Rx, Recreational Drugs, Tobacco and Related Content.
  • Some supplements that are considered unsafe.
  • Products / services that support piracy
  • Animals