Tech Updates

Hook and Loop to the Rescue

Loop tape is a type of fastener invented after Swiss engineer, Georges de Mestral and his dog took a hike up in the Alps and encountered the seeds of a burdock bush. After years of trial and error, the engineer patented the brand name VELCRO® from the combination of the words “velvet” and “crochet,” representing the two sides of hook-and-loop, one compromised of hooks while the other was as soft as velvet.

Cable ties that utilize hook fasteners are incredibly versatile and used in more ways than just cable management projects. Try a few of these ideas using loop tape cable ties when you need to fix something in a jiffy.

Arrange A Bouquet Of Flowers

Today’s cable ties come in a rainbow of different colors and are a perfect way to keep a bouquet from flopping over and becoming an unruly arrangement. Make sure not to pinch the stems too tightly as it can cause the flowers to wilt faster.

Hold & Cure Plywood

Carpenters and wood-shop aficionados who enjoy building with plywood panels can use long pieces of hook fasteners to hold together plywood that has been freshly glued together with epoxy to seal nice and tight.

Secure &Easily Transport Your Bicycle

Have you ever had trouble lifting your bike to load onto a bike rack and the front wheel awkwardly tilts from side to side? Take a piece of cinch strap and hold your front wheel in place while transporting your bicycles on a bike rack.

Fix A Broken Zipper

Did the pull-tab on your favorite jacket, sweatshirt, or backpack break off? With the smallest piece of mini cable tie you can find, you can fix the zipper by threading a piece of loop tape through the hole where the pull-tab use to be and you will have saved your favorite zip-up items from being tossed into the landfill.

Hook Fasteners In The Garden

Because the hook-and-loop tape is weather resistant, you can use cable ties in your garden for many different backyard projects to keep your plants happy, and your yard tidy.

Mini-cable ties can be used to string up tomato plants and hold them to a garden stake or plant cage.

Instead of using rope or gooey duct tape, grab a roll of loop fasteners and tie up your scarecrow with a long piece of cable wrap.

Don’t let your hose sit in a messy pile. There are types of cable ties that can be fastened to the garden hose so that you never lose the industrial strength cable wrap. Keep your watering hose wrapped up with industrial strength cable ties and your tubing will last longer and be more comfortable to transport or hang up on a shelf or hook for quick storage.

Keep Items From Jostling In The Car

Take a piece of sticky-backed cable catch and place to the dashboard of your car so that you can clip your smartphone or GPS so that when you make a sharp turn, your devices don’t fly across the vehicle into a place you cannot reach while driving.

If you have a utility van with shelves or a wall organizer, attach your tools to the wall of the van with mountable cable wraps, so that you have easy access to your devices.

Find Cable Ties In The Hook Fastener Aisle

Once you try a couple of these ideas using cable ties, you will find that there are many ways that loop tape can help make life at home more enjoyable and less of a mess.