‘Hire Smarter’ Utilizing Talent Acquisition Technology

The success of any organization — whether small or big — depends on its employees, which is closely related to the talent acquisition process.

We know how acquiring the right talent can be a challenging task. You wouldn’t believe U.S. employers spent $140 billion alone on recruitment activities in 2012. Even after that, more than 63% of HR managers have complained that their candidate search results don’t match the context of what they are looking for.

For decades, organizations have deployed the same traditional method, i.e. have a demand for X role and find someone to fill that gap. But this approach will no longer work.

New technologies featuring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are paving their way into talent acquisition and recruiting system. These are the keys that will provide with tools needed to make smart hiring decisions. Besides, it will streamline the transactional side of recruiting.

The ‘Smart’ Talent Acquisition Process

Poor recruitment efforts result in unqualified job applicants, lack of diversity, and they are more likely to quit if hired. In fact, you may also miss highly qualified job candidates because they were unaware of a job opening.

That’s why there is an urgent need to do the ‘Smart’ hire. But how? As talent acquisition is becoming global, the whole recruiting process has become more structured.

Today’s technology-based talent acquisition process is driven by a solid AI strategy. It helps recruiters and HR teams to reduce the effort, time, and resources required for sourcing and hiring talent.

This talent acquisition technology helps with recruitment marketing as well as sourcing. The talent acquisition team has a strategy in place which aligns with companies’ goal. It helps to identify, target, and attract the most qualified candidates for the role. The tools provide:

  • Big data to help managers know their candidates’ needs and how to obtain them. It also helps with talent acquisition analytics. HR managers can closely monitor the new employee, and by using existing analytic data, they can calculate their future success
  • Global sources for talent acquisition, which can be accessed through professional online networks, corporate websites, and social media profiles
  • Recruitment objectives, rankings and suggestions based on requirements, and unbiased applicant assessment. The best part is it can all be from the employer’s list of candidates or a pool of over 10 million people on the web

Talent Acquisition Technology

Some of the popular technology or services used to recruit in today’s business world include applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards, and recruitment agency.

●    Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

ATS is software that assists in the recruitment process by centralizing incoming candidates. It selects only the best-suited resumes from among thousands which companies receive for a specific position. It could be from anywhere — submitted by recruitment vendors, referred by employees, or being sourced on job boards.

The system has the ability to source for any job requirement automatically across a variety of different job boards. It filters the applicants based on predefined keywords and phrases, scores them based on relevancy, and sends out the most qualified ones.

●    Job Boards

Job Boards are nothing but the digitalized version of traditional print job advertisements. You can find job vacancy details at the daily newspaper or physical boards in public places like the university career center. Similarly, companies post job descriptions on the job boards. Candidates can apply directly on the job board, or sometimes they are re-directed to a company’s career site to apply there.

Job boards are integrated with the company’s ATS for the seamless apply process.

●    Recruiting Agency

Recruiting agency helps companies find the right candidate. Employers provide the agencies with the requirements of their ideal candidate. The HR experts then help create a talent acquisition strategy that reflects your company’s brand. It enables you to attract, source, recruit and hire quality candidates.

The Automated Future of Talent Acquisition

AI is revolutionizing talent acquisition by helping recruiters work faster and smarter. It is automating administrative tasks and generating powerful insights.

●    Cost Effectiveness

Automation of tasks will bring opportunities for businesses that will benefit the workforce, clients, and suppliers. For starters, it will help reduce costs through efficiencies by taking over the high volume and labour-intensive tasks. And at the same time, it will help improve the quality of work by eliminating the chance of human error.

●    Speeding Up the Recruiting Process

Every recruiter needs time to identify job opening, source, and recruit candidates to fill up the vacancy. No matter how big, every company has limited resource. Moreover, if a recruiting team is not able to hire quickly, the business may be affected.

But the advances in talent acquisition technology comes to our rescue. By automating administrative tasks, it improves their recruiting efforts and thus, making the overall process productive. It frees up workers’ time to focus on delivering more critical service to the client first.

In short, AI helps in locating and engaging highly qualified candidates as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts: Will Tech Overtake Humans in Talent Acquisition?

AI is here to enhance our jobs and not eliminate the human factor involved.

There’s no reason to fear the AI-driven talent acquisition technologies. Their purpose is to enable us to become smarter, faster, and more productive with the whole recruiting process. But it can’t do more than that.

For instance, it can’t replace the relationship-building touch required to find the right candidate. So even with the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, technology can’t take over the complete role of humans involved.

To conclude, it will not take over your job. Instead, it will automate the labor-intensive tasks, thus giving you more time to focus on things that really matter.

Author Bio:

Sanjay Darji is a Head of Digital Marketing at SoftwareSuggest. He has a strong knowledge of product marketing & used various digital marketing strategies to build the brand globally. His areas of expertise include top performance management software, payroll software & best HRM software.  In his free time, he enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family.