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Get some important Dash info before investing

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With every passing day, the demand for crypto currency is on the rise. Dash is a crypto currency like Bitcoin. The currency is becoming popular because of several reasons. This article provides some very important Dash info. With its Mastercode network which is quite unique, Dash is becoming popular and getting accepted among many investors. It is more or less similar to Fullnode of Bitcoin and is being known as DarkCoin.

If you are willing to buy Masternodes, you need to put a 1000 Dash Stake. This system is quite useful because it stops any hacker or attacker to infiltrate into the network and cause any possible damage. If you want to buy masternode, you need a big amount of money. You need to buy a big amount of Dash if you are willing to buy masternode. Hence it is not possible for a small investor or a new trader to buy masternode. Only experienced and wealthy people will go for buying Masternode. Here comes the role of Proof of Stake in the world of Dash.

Dash is becoming popular because of various reasons. A very important factor is that Dash makes instant payment and that too, within 5 seconds. This facility has urged many people to do daily trade and earn profit using Dash. Another big advantage is that it offers anonymous sending of the coin. Thus users can send to persons privately without any problem. This private send facility is a big attraction to many investors. 

There is a well-known team of professionals who manage the treasury of Dash. They charge 10% transaction fees and also there is income from mining. Both these incomes go to the treasury every month. Sources say that around $250,000 gets deposited into the treasury every month. This money is used for development of the business like technical development, business promotion and marketing.

There are some procedures which ensure that the entire operation of Dash is legitimate. The entire money is spent for the promotion of the business. The masternodes have the right to vote and decide what amount needs to be spent for what purpose. The masternodes can also stop making payment to the original promoters of the business if their promises are not fulfilled and not kept. So, it is ensured that the promoters of the business are accountable for utilizing the funds in the proper way.

An investor can earn an interest of 8% per annum and he is free to withdraw his money or send his Dash to whoever he wants to.