Generate Your Distinctive Company Name Quickly And Automatically

“The name sticks” – the name sticks. Or not! Many company names are easily forgotten or confused with those of competitors. A clever combination of company name and company logo helps to ensure that your product is recognized by customers and that it is recommended to others. Many good ideas have already been implemented. Therefore, a targeted method of generating is required: Which company name fits? The name generator finds out.

Stories of successful name finding cannot be repeated.

When the deadline for registering a company, name was exceeded by more than three months, Apple founder Steve Jobs decided to threaten his team. He will name the company after his favorite fruit if no one can come up with a more convincing proposal by that afternoon. Other company names were derived from abbreviations, proper names, or product properties. The founders of successful companies also used new word creations or variations of largely unknown terms. So, Google is derived from “Googol” – a one with a hundred zeros, which today seems like a prophecy. Such stories are amusing but are not suitable as a template for today’s founders.

Each requirement limits the choice.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a business incorporation name that is still available and that meets all requirements. The company name should be original,understandable,memorable, easy to pronounce even on the phone and, if possible, funny. Misunderstandings must be ruled out. The company name should be clear in the message and yet stimulating, contemporary and at the same time timeless. Digital functionality is a must. What use is a unique company name that inevitably leads the emails from the new company into the spam folder of the potential customers?

Combination of company name and company logo

Then the name must be compatible with the company logo. Both together belong to the corporate design, the uniform appearance of the company. Since pictures are more memorable than names, a coherent combination of company name and company logo is important. This is how you stand out from the multitude of providers. This is the basis for addressing the messages about your product. “The brand is one of the very few legal monopolies,” said founder and media scientist Bernd M. Samland.

The company logo also must assert itself in the digital world. For this it should be possible to display it on all mobile devices.

Ambiguous logos

If the company logo triggers different associations among customers, it is even better to get the company talking. Does the displayed bite in the Apple logo now stand for the unit of measurement “byte”? Is the picture an allusion to the fruit of knowledge? Or is the bite simply a help to recognize the symbol as an apple and differentiate it from a cherry, for example? A well-chosen company name increases the linguistic and optical interpretation possibilities.

Division of labor between founder and computer

It seems very promising to discuss and select the right company name in a brainstorming session with colleagues, friends and acquaintances. But you can better use your time searching for the right and free name for the many other preparations. Let the computer do what it can do faster and focus on what it can do better. Give the name generator the key words for your company that should shape the company name.

Names and domains briefly

The name generator shows you in a few moments, reliably and free of charge, the suitable and available company names. You can see briefly which domains are still available for the possible names. You then evaluate the suggestions made by the cool business names generator and test in your circle of acquaintances which names arouse interest and stay in the memory. The connection to the company logo also requires human creativity and intuition. You will be surprised how well the Name Generator understands your keywords and translates them into suggestions for your company name. Try it!