Fortune Making: Smart Avenues for You

There are many sectors that can earn you a fortune, but not all of them go at the same rate. A person makes arrangements to invest his money. While young people search on Google from their iPhone ‘what to study to become a millionaire?’ However, the question is not how but where to invest our money to make it grow faster? While it is true that there are numerous sectors that can make you earn a fortune, it is also true that not all of them can make you earn it as fast as the ones we name below:

The real estate

Real estate, with 163 billionaires, is the third largest source of wealth in the world. This factor is not surprising if we think that, according to a study by McKinsey and Company, it is one of the assets with the highest returns in the investment universe, as this article explains, the alternative investment platform. This sector is also one of the most demanded by investors in Mexico, since due to the high demand that exists, it is a feasible investment (since the greatest growth in the real estate market is expected during the next 20 years). So much so that there are even real estate crowdfunding groups, which already has large number of users, created to bring home purchases closer to those who do not have the total investment necessary and wish to do so as a group. You can also Continue reading here now.

Finance and investments

According to Forbes, in the ranking number 32 of the billionaires mentioned by the magazine, we find a total of 2,202 owners of more than 1,000 million dollars. This data does not surprise us if we consider that, as represented by this Betway infographic, the step from millionaire to billionaire is not as long as it seems. In fact, for some like Mark Zuckerberg, climbing this new rung took just a year. However, the average is established at 14 years. One of the definitive ways to make the leap is through the industry that has built billions: finance and investing. In this sector we find some examples of success, such as Charles and Rupert Johnson, who created the Franklin Templeton company, as well as Carl Icahn or Warren Buffet. Your secret? Make money for the big firms.

Fashion and retail

If you have doubts about whether fashion can bring you fortune, take a look at Amancio Ortega’s journey. The Spanish billionaire started at age 13 and today owns the fashion empire most studied by business schools: Inditex. But not only have this, a total of 12% of the richest opted for this sector. We find some like Jezz Bezos, from Amazon, and those who dared to create their own brand like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani or the Walton family (owner of Wal-Mart), who have more money than 48 million families Americans combined (being even richer than entire countries).


However, after taking a tour of the 3 different sectors that can grow your economy quickly, we encourage you to ask yourself: what is your passion? And the ultimate reason that successful billionaires made their fortunes is not the sum of hobby and dedication. The Fortune? It is just the result that follows that equation.