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Focus on these Practices for Brands to Increase your Followers on Instagram

If you are new on Instagram and you don’t know what to do, how to do things to make your business flourish on this social media platform and get more and more followers for you, then here are the best practices for companies to gain more followers on Instagram:

Upload daily

While when to post and how many to post topics are often debated by companies while posting on Instagram, remember you should post at least one content daily. Make sure what you post is backed by evidence. Share content of your own niche and target followers or the data may never work for you.

Be constant and upload daily. When people notice your regular presence on Instagram, they will follow you more.

Know your target audience

If you are on Instagram to promote your brand, business or product, then you should value your prospective customers. Make sure you know what your audience likes, how they like and why they like it.

Make sure you pinpoint your client and provide them the content they want to witness. Understand your followers and find out what they care about. Make sure your audience feels that you really care about them and desperately work to solve their issues. There are some ways by which you can know your followers:

  • Ask questions on Stories
  • Put up surveys
  • DM followers and ask questions
  • Look at what your followers are following and commenting on.

Engage with your followers

People really work very hard to gain more followers. But, they really don’t engage with their followers to maintain them. Gaining followers is an achievement but maintaining them should be your goal.

  • Reply to their feedback and comments.
  • Answer their DMs.
  • Interact with them whenever you get a chance
  • Go live.

If you don’t interact with your audience, they will think that you don’t care about them. So, make sure you don’t make them feel unnoticed or they may unfollow you.

Be innovative

There are millions of Instagram users who are trying hard to get noticed and gain more and more followers. You are just one of them. But you can prove yourself different by being innovative and original.

Work in the process to stand out. People upload innumerable content which goes unnoticed. Make sure you stand out of the competition to get recognition. Be unique and creative with your posts and create a story with your image.

If you sell stuffed animals, then do not sell stuffed animal, sell your love, experience and charm. People do not want the product; they are linked to the feeling.

Buy likes

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