Fast Clean Booster


Fast clean booster was designed for provide smooth performance and speed for slow Android phones. It is hard to manage Android phone without using cleaner apk. Because Android phones easily get slowed over time due to collection of junks and background running apps. You may not notice those background running apps and junks. Since they are hard to detect and remove. With an application like Fast Clean Booster, you can easily find and delete them within seconds.

Fast clean booster can booster device performance quickly and easily by removing, stopping or blocking unwanted background running apps. You can easily close opened applications using recent apps control panel that is available on every Android phone. It does not show background tasks. You can use this application to detect those apps.

Features of Fast Clean Booster

  • Boost Performance – Quickly close all opened applications and background running apps to free RAM and CPU workload. That will provide quick performance boost.
  • Super Junk Cleaner – This junk cleaner will remove junks like residuals from system updates, residuals from app updates, app data remained from uninstalled apps, caches and more. Optimize storage for performance.
  • CPU Cooler – When the CPU usage is high, CPU tends to heat. This feature will monitor CPU for heavy resource consuming apps and reduce CPU usage to cool down your phone. That helps to have longer battery life too.
  • Increase battery time – There are many background running apps that drain battery power even without using the phone. That why your phone getting low battery even without using the phone. You can select and hibernate all unwanted apps to preserve battery power. 
  • App Manager – There are many Android apps and games that you use rarely. Find and uninstalled app unwanted applications to save storage and to increase performance. Removing unwanted applications also reduce background services used to keep those apps updated and more.
  • Photo Analysis – Most of the time, you may capture two or three photos of same moment to get perfect shot. But you never delete unwanted images. This feature can identify duplicate photos and remove them to have cleaner gallery.

You can download this cleaner application from Google Play Store. First Play Store application and search as “fast clean booster”. You will see this application as the first result. Select it to open. You will “install” button. Click on that to begin installation. 

If you are unable to install this application using Play Store, you can use alternative Android app stores like AC Market to install any cleaner apk like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, Fast Clean Booster and etc. just like on Play Store. Click here to download latest version of AC Market apk.