Everything you need to know about micro cheating

Do you suspect your sister to be cheating with your husband? Do you suspect your sister to be cheating with other people? No matter what, as a caring sibling, you need to ensure your sister is on the right path. You should determine how to spy on your sister to prevent any illicit activity.

Over the years, micro cheating has taken up various forms. Your sister may be doing things that she doesn’t count as cheating, but they’re somewhat close to it. Although you cannot help them, you need to work towards bringing them on the right path.

What is micro cheating?

Cheating is when someone gets physical with another person despite having a partner. Well, not so close to it; micro-cheating is somewhat related to it.

Micro cheating refers to the small acts that one indulges in. Although it’s not completely cheating, it is somewhat related to it. However, relationship experts state that the concept of cheating is different for different people. It’s more of a subjective approach because what might be cheating for you may not be the same for others.

Is micro cheating a new thing?

Not really. It has existed for a long time. It’s just that not everyone knew about it.

Micro cheating is a relatively new term, but the practice has existed for many years. This behaviour needs to be called out immediately. Some of the common acts that translate to micro-cheating are sliding into someone else’s DMs without your partner’s knowledge, getting excessively friendly on social media.

Over the years, micro-cheating has increased because we have become socially very active.

Is micro cheating the same as emotional cheating?

Not really.

It depends on how your loved one is doing. Relationship experts state that although emotional cheating and micro-cheating are two different entities, these might often overlap.

Micro cheating may eventually take up the form of a sexual affair. But, emotional cheating will mostly be limited to emotional investments too. In the case of micro-cheating, there are no set of emotional boundaries.

What activities are considered to be micro cheating?

As cheating is subjective, the concept of micro-cheating will vary from one individual to another.

However, some of the common forms of micro cheating include

  • Being active in dating websites despite having a partner.
  • Deleting exchange of text messages.
  • Sharing personal information, such as sexual tastes and fantasies, with someone else who is not your partner.
  • Dedicating more time to someone else than your partner.

Many polyamorous and open relationships, too, are a kind of micro-cheating. However, it isn’t problematic until and unless your partner doesn’t have a problem.

Micro cheating requires a lot of investment, be it a time or personal space. When you’ve indulged in the practice of micro-cheating, you wouldn’t even realize that you’re doing it. You will eventually end up talking to them for hours. While it may appear being “friendly” sometimes, it can exceed the limit, and that is where the problem kicks in.

If you ever feel that any of your relatives or loved ones are getting too involved, make sure to confront them. Apart from that, you can also download apps to spy on them.