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Essential Elements To Make Your Marketing E-Book Fascinating

Well, we know that there is no match for good old authentic paper books. But, looking at the significant rise of digitalization, we can imply that e-books play quite a significant part, be it education, economy or marketing. We can assume the fact that e-book is going to conquer a vast place in future when it comes to marketing as well as education. Thus, if you have a plan to publish an e-book on marketing in future, we would suggest you to tailor it in such a way that it can grab the attention of the readers. So, to help you, we are putting some essential elements in front of you, which will help you to make your marketing e-book more acceptable.

An intriguing and descriptive title

Well, maybe your title of the e-book has nothing to do with design but crafting the title of your book is definitely a piece of art. The title is the first thing, which a reader will judge, and it will also decide the primary impact of your book. Therefore, try to choose a title that is catchy and is capable enough to drive home the interest of people. To gather some ideas, you can avail IngramSpark coupon codes to get some exciting e-books.

A visual cover

Now, the next thing that will come under the monitor of people is the book cover. Well, it is a place where you can inject all your visual creativity to make it appealing. Tailor your visual cover in such a way that it can reflect the aura of your brand and symbolises your creative brilliance. While designing the cover, keep in mind that the title must be easy-to-read.

An author page

Another design element that you can effortlessly incorporate in your e-book is an author page. It will be easier for you if you have a specialised team for making of this book. For instance, if the author of the book is an expert in this topic, you can include a page that will highlight the author’s bio along with the relevancy on the topic. It will be an effective way to add credibility to your content.

A table of contents

Be it a digital book or print book; do not forget to include a table of contents. It will not only make it convenient for the readers, but it will also deliver them with a sense of organisation. They can effortlessly choose the number of chapters they want to read and mark the references that they want to read later. You can also incorporate some programs, which will allow your readers to hyperlink chapters and by doing this; you can make it more user-friendly.

Chapter title pages

It will be considered as a right decision, if you can clearly distinguish between every chapter, with the help of chapter title pages. It provides the readers with a clear indication about their progress and helps them to prepare the stage for the next chapter that they are about to read. Thus, to make your readers more interactive, try to comprise chapter title pages.

Social sharing buttons

We know that the landing page is an excellent option to add social sharing buttons. But have you ever thought of stamping social sharing buttons into the pages of your e-book? Well, there is a possibility that reader will not feel comfortable in sharing your book to the social media platforms before going through it, but if you can include social sharing buttons in your e-book pages; that will be a different story.

Visual elements

With the help of optical elements, you can now break your ‘large blocks of text’ and ‘big chunks of copies’. It will help you significantly to explain or emphasise several points, visually. In this process, you can make use of several things like bolded texts, headers, screenshots, bullet points, graphs, images as well as charts. In addition to that, you will be able to explain several complicated concepts to your readers by utilising the charisma of visual elements.

Printer and mobile friendliness

This is one of the key elements on the list. All of us know that people these days, spend a significant amount of time in their mobile. They rarely get time to sit in front of desktops. So, if you want to increase the number of your readers, it will be best for you if you can make your e-book mobile friendly.

So, these are some of the essential elements that you can incorporate in your e-book to make it more intriguing.