Do you want to hack Facebook with applications?

Are you looking for how to hack into someone’s Facebook? Do you know that many people use these searches to upload apps with viruses that will give you a good dislike? All the programs to hack Facebook and the like hide much beyond a simple false promise. Spying or stealing an account is neither legally nor morally acceptable, do you think it’s going to count? Keep reading to learn more about this type of applications.

We already told you about the consequences of this type of actions on a legal and personal level, such as when we told you how to steal your neighbor’s WiFi. From what you read about this topic on other websites, do not believe even half. Before we start, we give you some clues on how to detect fake apps to hack Facebook (or any other app and / or game):

They ask for money in advance. The main objective of this type of malware is the economic benefit, and the best way is to promise a payment app that works when stealing Facebook passwords or spying WhatsApp.

They ask to enter the phone number. With this what can happen is that you subscribe to annoying (and expensive) promotional SMS or much worse, a data theft.

These two points should make us suspect, since it is most likely that it is a fraud or the obtaining of money through the downloads of a fake app. That is, at least you will be wasting time – or money and personal data, in the worst case.

A real case, but millions of scams

Yes there was a computer / hacker who once found a security flaw in the famous social network and ended up publishing on the wall of Zuckerberg himself. It is a very named case on the Internet, but it is known that Facebook’s security system is quite reliable, or at least we want to believe that. It is not easy to discover someone’s Facebook password or steal your account as well as through websites, programs or apps.

Fake web for fb accounts

As you can see, it is not that the design has been worked hard. They only ask for the username of the person we want to hack and little else. Do you really think it’s so simple to spy on Facebook? Do not be fooled!

Facebook Hacks: avoid being spied on

Is it impossible to steal your account or spy on your conversations? Of course not. There are a thousand and one ways to find out someone’s mail password, your FB or even spy what happens on your mobile.