Do You Know The Tricks To Get The Best Out Of Your Airpods

It is 2019, and the fight of the earplugs is over and out. The regular struggle to disentangle the earplugs in time of emergencies with one of them being damaged soon after seems so out of date. With the advent of airpods, the world has been grooving to their beats seamlessly and most importantly, wirelessly. All people seem to prefer airpods over all other earplugs, and quite naturally the reason being the efficiency. Hassle-Free handling is all that makes a difference. The little things hanging from your ears, giving you full freedom to roam about hands-free or simply rest them, they have made our lives so more comfortable. However, do we know that the little hacks that are there following these airpods? Hold your breath and try not to get blown away by these tips and tricks of using these airpods better than you already do:

  1. Save that battery life like never before:

People, who are always on that phone for various reasons, be it calls, conferences or even listening to music always, it is not possible to keep them charged up all the time. So, to save some charge up for the rest of the day, there is this brilliant hack. Use one airpod as a Bluetooth headset and keep the other in its case to charge. Again, repeat the same for the other one as well. It will help you retain the charge and not go out of it when required. The other bud will effortlessly help you carry on with your work. Use HotOzCoupons for getting stunning deals and offers.

  1. What did you name your airpods?

Even though there is an app for almost everything these days, there has been no such app that allows you to change or customise the names of your airpods. But you can do it via your Bluetooth settings. Open your settings menu, go to Bluetooth and tap on the “I” icon which is right next to the name of your airpods. Go to the name field and put in the name of your choice.

  1. You don’t share airpod:

Imagine not being around, and somebody else tries to use your airpods, how would you feel? Well, a message that reads that they do not belong to them will pop up. If they want, they can connect the airpod to their iPhone by choosing the “connect” option. But they will not be able to do so without a notification being sent out.

  1. Sharing tunes but never a call:

Remember sharing an earplug together? Well, you can do that with airpods as well. The only difference being, in case of the phone call is that both the persons won’t be able to talk over the phone together at the same time. They can hear the conversation but will not be able to pitch in due to the presence of a single microphone. You shall be able to change the settings from settings. Tap on Bluetooth under it, tap on next to the airpods and select microphone.

  1. Know your caller:

How easy it has been with humankind been graced by the presence of airpods! You do not need your hands even to answer calls now. You will be notified about the caller every time somebody is calling while the phone still rings. It is applicable only if you have the caller ID saved in your contacts’ book. You can answer the call by tapping one of the airpods while they are in your ears. You can activate this feature by tapping “settings”, then “announce calls” under “phones” and finally choosing “headphones only”.

  1. Changing the commands for Airpods:

Different tasks can be performed by tapping either of the two Airpods in the ears. Usually, Siri is activated by doing so, but you can change what each airpod does.

  1. Stereo streaming is possible:

Thinking of listening to some live streams while busy doing some other task as well? Just out one bud in your ear while keeping the other one at rest in the case. In this way, it will thrust a stereo signal into one bud in your ear.

These life-changing hacks will make your lives easier like never before. Next time you put your airpods in; do not forget to try these tricks out. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will save you a lot of time and make your work a lot easier. Thank me later, people!