Details for the Right Computer Equipment

If you consider that almost all computer equipment is now made in China, then. The exception is only the exclusive parts, but it seems that you are unlikely to ever need them. There is nothing wrong with that, except from the point of view of globalization, but there is a plus this is the price. A visit to The Tech DJ happens to be essential in choosing gaming equipment.

Do not believe those sellers who claim that a computer from a Western manufacturer works better than a local computer, assembled and assembled from the right parts with direct hands. The details in the imported computer are not fundamentally different, but the price is higher and the possibility of modernization is less. For a number of details, if not the brand, then the company is the manufacturer. And it makes no difference where the company produced this item. Quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer, not the government.

Used computers work worse than new ones

There are those who argue that the electronics do not deteriorate, that the probability of failure for it is high only in the first days after purchase. This is not entirely true.

The fact is that a modern computer has a lot of mechanical parts. These are the cooling systems of the power supply, motherboard and video card. This is a disk drive. This is, after all, a hard drive on which all information is stored. All of them have their own resource, and this resource is not infinite at all.

We also note that if the probability of failure of the microcircuit is very small, then capacitors that have dried up from time to time are quite common.

This is all to the fact that if you are offered to buy an old computer that is a year or two this is not bad if more a matter of price. But we will not advise you to buy a computer with it or in obscure stalls on the market. Moreover, for example, prices in the clothing market are often higher than in well-known computer networks.

  • And this is despite the fact that our computer network stores do not chase a low price, although they often declare it.
  • You want a computer so that the child can play on it without alterations for at least 3 years.
  • This does not happen. Even the fastest and most expensive computer is a short-term pleasure, usually not justifying the money spent. Do not forget – the ratio of computer performance to its price – the function is not linear.

The Right Price

The price of an entry-level gaming computer does not change from year to year and amounts to approximately $ 700, but the filling of this computer can be updated approximately once a quarter. An office computer, which cost about $ 400 10 years ago, is worth it. Therefore, choose a certain “middle ground”, based on the knowledge of sellers and the contents of your wallet :). And the child will still always lack the power of the computer to run the latest fancy games with the latest special effects. Just as you will need the coolest mobile phone and the most expensive is great. Take it philosophically.