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Data Recovery and Guidelines to Prevent Data Loss

Digitization in the modern world has lead to many problems like data loss and data theft. The reasons for data loss are logical failure and physical failure. Factors contributing to logical hard drive failure are file system corruption, OS failure, and registry damages. Physical failure is due to physical damages of the storage device. Data loss can affect the business and it might take a longer time to recover from the loss. Data recovery operation differs for various storage devices.

Guidelines to Avoid Data Loss

Latest technologies and set of tools like cloud space, backup drive, and inbuilt OS utility to store files are used to avoid data loss. The organization uses virtual cloud space to store a large amount of data and it can be accessed through various servers from anywhere in the world. The backup can be created in different storage channels such as backup drive and burning copy of data to CDs or DVDs. If the primary storage device fails permanently, you can use the backup storage media. You have to regularly check the backup source because it may become corrupt or damaged. If you are searching for data recovery orlando.

Avoid Freezing Method

After identifying data loss, people employ unwanted attempts to restore the data from physically failed storage devices. Attempts like that will only complicate the recovery process and make the situation worse. Many users may place the damaged storage device in the freezer to make it accessible and retrieve important files. It involves great risks and may damage the file permanently. Do not try it because it will not work. Users try many attempts to recover data before approaching the data recovery experts to restore the information. Some the failed attempts include connecting the drive directly to the motherboard, applying hard drive repair software to fix corruptions in a hard drive, and so on.

Data Recovery and Data Repair

People get confused about data recovery and data repair. They think both are the same but they involve completely different operations. The data recovery procedure is used to get back the deleted or lost files from the storage devices. In data repair, a corrupted file that cannot be read or opened by subsequent programs is rebuilt using file repair utility. With the help of rebuilding mechanism, the file can be used again.


Data recovery cannot be successful always. It depends on the situation at which, the file is lost and the damage of the storage device. If the files are not overwritten and infected by virus/Trojan, they can be recovered. The unsuccessful data recovery may occur due to reasons mentioned below:

1) When the storage device is severely damaged

2) The data is too old to restore

3) When the stored location cannot be located by the recovery software

4) If the file is overwritten by another file

5) When the files are heavily infected by malware which makes files header information inaccessible

You can either choose the data recovery software or contact the data recovery experts to retrieve the folders.