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Counter Cave by Culinary Vision

If you or someone you know is a cheese lover, which many people tend to be, then you’ll love to hear about the Counter Cave.

Currently a project on Indiegogo, the Counter Cave is an appliance that is designed to specifically preserve the quality of your cheese much longer than just tossing it in the fridge would. The Counter Cave stores and ripens, ensuring a better tasting cheese. You’ll find that the appliance is small and can sit perfectly on your counter without getting in the way.

So, how does the Counter Cave actually work to help preserve gourmet cheeses? The cave itself actually has high tech technology built into it to create the perfect temperature of cave aged cheese. The regulated temperature helps to enhance the flavors and texture of the cheese, making your cheese much more enjoyable than it already was.

We know how hard it can be to keep your cheese fresh, especially if it’s in the fridge. There’s not much we can do besides hope it’ll be okay for as long as it’s in there. With the Counter Cave, you can forget all of your worries about the quality of your cheese decreasing. The controlled ventilation makes it easy for your cheese to breathe and age well. In turn, this creates less wasted cheese because it’s not going bad in the fridge.

The Counter Cave isn’t only super helpful in keeping the quality of your cheeses preserved. It’s also a great aesthetic piece to have in your kitchen. The sleek and attractive design doesn’t stand out or look odd in your kitchen; it’ll no doubt blend in and be the perfect functional accessory to bring into your kitchen.

The team at Culinary Vision has come together to make an innovative appliance like no other. The Counter Cave offers a new environment for cheese in your home like no other, replicating the temperatures and conditions for cave aged cheese. You don’t even need to keep your cheese wrapped up in the original wrapping or anything else, just place it in the cave on its own.

So whether you’re an avid fan of cheese, your partner is a cheese lover, or even a friend or family member is, the Counter Cave is the perfect product. You can enjoy your cheese like never before with the cave, and you can even become a great party host. Your guests are sure to notice the difference in the way your cheese tastes if it’s been aged in the Counter Cave.

Your specialty cheeses are meant to be enjoyed with the best possible texture and flavor. The Counter Cave is the only product that lets you experience cheese like you were meant to. Head on over to the Indiegogo page here to back the product and get your hands on one of these awesome appliances as soon as they release.