Cleaning ID Badges and Lanyards: a How-to

Keeping your company clean and safe in 2021 needs to be your top priority. Safety isn’t just security anymore, it’s also health, and in order to protect the health and wellbeing of your staff, patrons and community, it’s highly necessary to implement a thorough and robust cleaning strategy. If you’re looking to comb through the fine details and really protect your company as a whole, then you absolutely need to begin to cleanse and clean your company accessories, this means your security measures such as plastic ID badges, card holders, lanyards, reels and lapels. Here is how to keep your company safe, clean and secure now…

How to clean ID cards and ID card accessories

Keeping your ID cards and accessories is as simple as keeping detergent, warm water, a plastic container and a towel or disposable kitchen tissue on hand. Staff can mix detergent and warmer water together, dip their towel, rag or tissue into the water and clean the entire surface of their ID and lanyard hardware, repeating on the other side. IDs and accessories should then be dried. You can also use antibacterial detergent wipes, spray or surface cleaner to disinfect on the go.

Why should company cleanliness be practiced?

Keeping all surfaces sanitary and safe is top priority following the past outbreak. Our future and “new normal” is ever evolving, so it’s important to keep practicing diligent safety and cleanliness for as long as we can. Making this part of regular company operations will also just make your environment safer and more comfortable for everyone, which is a must for a healthy and happy workplace.

The benefits of lanyards and ID cards in Australia 2021

You might be wondering whether your investment in identity cards, ID card printers and accompanying accessories is still going to be worthwhile in the next coming years. There are endless benefits to using a secure and reliable identification system, in any regard, in all professional environments. Here are just a few ways that your lanyards, plastic cards and ID card printer will help you and your company thrive in 2021 and far into the future…

Safety: Of course, one of the most significant benefits of an ongoing identification system is increased standards of safety, however, the cleanliness and control that comes alongside a sanitary security measure is even more powerful in the times that we are living in. You’ll be able to maintain a safe, clean and conscious professional environment now and in many years to come, no matter what the changes in precautions and measures might be down the line.

Organisation: Smooth running business operations are essential for productivity and general organisation in any kind of environment, and this goes for the comings and goings of your building. Simple and easy access remains imperative in 2021 and your id cards alongside their accessories will help to optimise this.

Contactless Access: Minimising contact is key for 2021 and for unprecedented times to come, that’s a given. Your ID cards and accessories will help to avoid unnecessary contact when employees, patrons or personnel are passing in and out of your building doors. If you haven’t already, now is the time to upgrade to smart cards or Mifare cards that use radio frequency technology to allow access into areas or entrances of buildings. Your staff can safely tap, scan or swipe their way into the building without any unnecessary contact.

Face Masks and Identification: Lastly, face masks are a cornerstone of safety in 2021, and ID cards presented at all times with custom company lanyards can help you to stay on top of who’s in your building. This is a really massive and modern benefit.