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Check Instagram Regularly To Follow Updates

Instagram is a revolutionary desktop, mobile, and internet-based social networking app, which allows the users to post pictures together with a personalized quote or caption. It has millions of registered users and vast connectivity; however, at times, it contains a lot of disadvantages too. Instagram is considered a safe app having strict rules against pornographic and abusive content, which is punishable to the extent of account removal. Its algorithm is designed to put off inappropriate content, but, at times people manage to post some offending photos or videos. Though this social media platform has state-of-the-art programming, yet it has more than a million files that contain 18+ material.

If you are a parent to a teenager and your child spends plenty of time using Instagram, then you must be definitely concerned. When you go through this situation, you must be wondering what to do to take care of this situation. You may use spy software that allows you to monitor Instagram messages. Instagram monitoring is a good option as you can monitor each and every post your target devices gets on its timeline. Not only that, this app can track each and every Instagram follower. As a parent, you can track people who are watching the profile of your child and know whether your child has posted anything inappropriate.

Communicate clearly with your child

You will not be able to control what people share on their Instagram, but you can definitely discuss with your child what you will allow him to watch. Explain to your kid why you have made such rules and they shall follow them when they understand the logic behind such rules. Some areas that you should consider are as follows:

  • Content- Videos and images that kids should not be allowed to see.
  • Time- When kids are not allowed to use this app.
  • Context- Situations and places where kids should not be allowed to use mobile applications.

Monitor the child’s usage

Your child may not like it but it is always a good idea to opt for Instagram monitoring initially. It will be a good practice if you set up safety checks regularly and discuss the concerns regularly with your child. Even if you make the Instagram account of your kid private, his profile information stays public. Any Instagram user will be able to see that your child includes on his profile such as his bio, picture, and username. Monitor your child’s profile constantly and feed occasionally to ensure that no personal information has been shared.