Boss Laser: Applications Everywhere

It’s been said that a company’s best R&D department is its own users. Although it might be true that a lot of amazing people have been behind some of the most innovative work in laser technology, it’s the users who have still brought some of the best applications to the table.

Only a brief glance through industry literature would reveal some of the most innovative laser applications today. If you doubt that, check out boss laser on youtube. In the meantime, read on for more.

Engraving and Marking

Engraving and marking are two of the most common applications of laser technology today. And why not? Anyone would be hard pressed to find a way to accomplish this type of work that would be quicker, easier, and save more time and money than with lasers. In fact, lasers were almost made for this type of work.

Not only do lasers accomplish engraving and marketing better than any other method, but they are great at creating logos, symbols, and practically anything else to give products a professional look. Lasers do their work in a manner that is mechanically resistant, inimitable, with high contrast, and on practically any surface. Further, lasers work their magic without ink or any chemical additives. Lasers also require no alteration of the treated surface to work.

When laser work was done in the past, it was usually heavy and industry-specific work. Not anymore. Today, lasers can be portable, and they can be used by everyone from those who are technically inclined to hobbyists.

Laser Cutting

Cutting is a job made for lasers. In fact, the first lasers were designed specifically for cutting, particularly metal. A lot has passed since the 1960s when this stage was passed, and development has come a long way. But, to a great extent, lasers are still responsible for the cutting of many different types of materials.

Fortunately, the types of materials that can be cut with lasers is only one benefit. Others include the precision of those cuts, which have become the standard for cutting materials. Lasers will also cut the most precise and intricate designs in a wide range of materials, including everything from wood to metal and fabric to glass. There is no limit to what lasers can’t cut or do it better.

Laser Welding

Lasers are used by a wide range of industries for the purpose of welding pieces and parts together. Further, they accomplish it at nearly every and any stage of the production process.

Laser welding has advantages that make it the perfect solution to welding issues. These include accomplishing a weld at lower temperatures than many other methods. As a result, lasers make a weld without distortion of any type in the materials being worked on. Lasers have the further benefit of not allowing for contamination of the material, nor is there any material lost as a result of the cutting process.

These are only a few of the many applications of lasers in today’s world. Check out Boss Laser for more information.