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Best video downloader for TV series on Mac

TV series has become one of the most common forms of entertainment now a day. One could easily find a lot of TV series online and could even watch them easily with a good internet connection. Here is a list of some fine video downloader that could help you in downloading these series on Mac.


There could not be any other downloader better than the VideoDuke for downloading TV series on Mac. The downloader is called as the all-in-one solution for all the video related problems that one could face on Mac. Here are a few of the points that prove that there is no other video downloader better than VideoDuke.

  1. One could download videos using this video downloader from more than 100 websites. These websites include the most popular ones and even the least popular ones.
  2. Along with various websites, this video downloader is capable of downloading videos from social media sites also.
  3. The downloader offers you to use it in two modes. The first mode is called the simple mode and the second mode is called the advanced mode. The simple mode is known for allowing the users to download the videos with the best speed. However, the advanced mode allows you to open more than 4 tabs at a time. Along with that, one could easily download the subtitles, playlist, artwork, audio files and even the scripts from these websites.
  4. If you are a person who always forgets to download the videos of your choice, then you could simply bookmark those videos with the help of this downloader.
  5. For the fastest downloading, the app offers you integration with your browser.


iTube Studio

This application could be the best alternative of VideoDuke, to download TV series on Mac. One of the best things that this application has to offer to its users is that it does not show any ads while the program is going on. The app supports more than 1000 sites and one could easily download various TV series from these sites and once you have completed your download, you could easily watch these videos in the software interface of the application. One could download these videos in a lot of formats like MP4, 3GP, AVI, M4V, MPEG, and WMV. The videos that could be downloaded from the websites are all good for computers, iPads, iPhones, etc.


After the iTube studio, YTD downloader is one of the best alternatives for downloading various TV series on Mac. Like the previous two options, this video downloader supports a lot of video streaming platforms. With this downloader also, you could download the entire playlist, script, audio files, along with the videos. This downloader comes with an activity tab and that keeps the record of all the downloaded files and the pending downloads.

All the downloader mentioned above is the best amongst all the options available for Mac. You could read the descriptions given with them and they could decide which one to go for.