Best Online Courses to develop Real World Applications

Developing a real world web application is always something that is in demand. The scope of web development is very much high in IT and software industry. Almost every business demands a website that can help them to advertise their product and the people that these type of clients reach to when they want a website for their business are the website developers who are expert in this field and know all the ways that can help them make a website that requires less coding and loads faster. As we clearly know that becoming a professional web developer is one tough job. It takes a lot of time, effort and hard work to become the best. Proper guideline, training is also very necessary and all these things can become a little difficult to get. Also not many people can afford to get the best of the education, hence making them an average web developer. But what if there is a way to get the best of the knowledge there is about becoming a professional web developer and also at an affordable price? Udemy has many courses available that can help a person to learn how to develop real world websites or applications. So let us discuss some of the very best courses on udemy that can help a learner to know about developing websites and web applications.

The complete web developer course 2.0:

This course contains a complete set of instructions as to how a website is developed. If you take this course you are going to learn to develop 25 totally different from one another websites and also how mobile applications can be made with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and much more. The purpose of this course is to provide its learner with all the information that plays an essential part in developing amazing websites and apps. If a learner manages to learn a handful of information about web and app development, he can make a lot from it. The course will help a learner to start their own business line and become a front-end developer. One of the aims of this course is to also enable a learner to become proficient in server-side languages and database. With that there are other many things that a learner will learn. The course contains different lectures and videos and the author has tried to be very friendly yet delivered in the most professional way. The way that the author has delivered every lecture makes it really interesting to watch it and learn from it. Also the positive body language of the instructor also makes a learner more engaged toward the course, in this way the learner gives his full attention to the lectures and get the most out of them. The rating of this course is amazing and there is also a certificate of completion after the course. Hence taking this course can be very useful.

Web developer Bootcamp:

The Web Developer Bootcamp course contains a detailed set of instructions as to how a learner can become the best web developer and become capable of developing his own websites and blogs using cutting-edge technologies. The course will help a learner to write web applications that are totally authentic. How browser games can be programmed with the help of java programming, how the command line interface can be mastered and much more is explained in this course. The course has everything in it that a learner needs in order to get a sense of HTML, CSS, JS, Node and much more. This course is not like other mainstream courses that are very expensive and only contains less information in it. But this course is not only available at affordable rate but also contains every single piece of information that is required in understanding everything about web development. The course also contains different types of quizzes and assignments that are required by the learner to solve. It would be really wise of the learner to solve them with full determination because solving these with full effort will enable them to develop a better understanding about how websites are developed. The course has an appealing rating of 4.7 and is also available at an affordable price. Hence the course can change a user’s career in a positive way.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects

If you wish to learn the amazing skill of programming language and get a control over the internet technology then this course might be the right stop for you. When you start this course, you will be introduced with different concepts and how you can learn them. The course will help you learn about what JavaScript is and will give you a complete understanding as to how it works behind the screen. Next you’ll be introduced to different and difficult features, what are the different programming fundamentals, which type of variables are used and how they work and much more. The course also lets you practice your skills with coding challenges so that you can clear your mind as to how much understanding you have developed about it. The solutions are also given at the end of the course so that a user can look for the right answers and matches his with the given ones. It also has a number of assignments and quizzes available which a learner should definitely solve in order to understand more deeply. The rating of this course is 4.6 and thousands of students who have taken this course have given a positive feedback about it. Hence the course is totally worth buying.


We can conclude our topic by saying that Udemy has a number of web development courses that are for sure really helpful for developing a better understanding about developing websites and applications. All of the above mentioned courses have a good rating and contain a tons of information in it that are very helpful. Hence taking any of these Udemy courses can help a beginner or even a professional according to their requirement.