Benefits of Rubber Parking Blocks

Rubber parking blocks are designed to protect parking lots, pedestrians, and vehicles. They are produced from recycled rubber. The benefits of rubber parking blocks are numerous, especially when compared with concrete blocks. Here are the top benefits of rubber parking blocks below:


The presence of flexible rubber in rubber parking blocks allows them to shape to the surface on which they are installed. If you are installing them on an unlevelled surface, you don’t need to worry; they’ll still work effectively. Concrete parking blocks may be cheaper, but they are rigid, which makes them more prone to damage and difficult to install

 Easy to Install

Rubber parking blocks weigh a lot less than concrete parking blocks, are easy to install, and require less manual labour and equipment. The portability of rubber parking blocks makes them ideal for temporary installations since they can be quickly mounted and retrieved after they are no longer needed.


Unlike concrete parking blocks, rubber parking blocks don’t chip or crack. Rubber parking blocks generally feature reflective tape that is molded into the product, which prevents the reflective tape from falling off or peeling. Rubber parking blocks also have a shrewd resistance to weather and temperature changes that concrete parking blocks can’t afford. Similar to concrete roads, concrete parking blocks hardly resist moisture from penetrating and causing cracks. The damage is even expanded further when temperatures fall below freezing. By choosing a rubber parking block, you get a durable parking block that is perfect for any weather or climate.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Painting is the only way to design a concrete parking block. This is time -consuming and paints can fade with time. Rubber parking blocks come in various colors such as terracotta, black, blue, and never fade, which keeps your property appealing at all times.