Basic details on feed monitoring cameras: work and types

Installing a good monitoring system certainly brings more security for both your family and your property. For this reason, people have increasingly opted to use cameras at home. After all, the recording of images inhibits the action of criminals and allows controlling activities in the environment and gather evidence if necessary. But, it is important to know that the installation of security cameras requires some special care for them to be really efficient. Whether in commercial or in residential, surveillance is the perfect solution to improve the security of both the business and your family. The advantages of having a home monitoring system are numerous. Want to know more about it?

What are monitoring cameras?

Monitoring cameras are equipment made up of an image sensor and generally contain infrared technology. In this way, it is possible to capture clarity images even in dark places and during the night. Besides high resolution images, some models can also capture audio with good quality. Many users download video monitoring app for PC for better monitoring the camera feed in real-time. This android application let you monitor the feed in HD resolution. It doesn’t matter where you are, now you can closely monitor your house and family members in your absence. In this way, they have been increasingly used to ensure protection on public roads, commercial points and homes. If you want to use an android remote feed monitoring app, check this

How do surveillance cameras work?

The use of security cameras is called video-monitoring. There are several models, which can be divided into basically two types: analog and IP. Analog cameras are connected using a cable to a DVR, where images are managed and stored. For real-time viewing, this same DVR has HDMI or VGA outputs that allow connection to monitors or TVs. In turn, IP cameras allow you to connect to the internet with Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi directly from a computer.

However, if there are a large number of IP cameras, it is essential to adopt an NVR to manage the images. For this reason, images can be monitored remotely by a computer, tablet or smart phone. The available recording time will depend on the capacity of the HDD or cloud. The security camera sends the video signal to the DVR. This device has the function of recording the generated images, transmitting them in real time to monitors or via the internet and archiving them for a certain period.

What are the main types of cameras used?

The electronic security market offers a wide variety of cameras. The perfect is to know the main types so that you can choose the most appropriate to your situation and need. Dome camera is a modern model of camera totally covered by a type of dome, protecting it from dust, rain and wind. Bullet camera is one of the most popular types, ideal for indoor or outdoor environments. IP camera contains an internal server responsible for sending images directly to the internet / network. Box camera offers high resolution images.