9 Things to do in Ottawa if you are broke

Everyone that has stayed in Ottawa for more than five hours can tell how expensive it can be to make anything happen with fun here. However, there will surely be a way around it. As a matter of fact, Ottawa has more than a few activities to keep the whole summer a season of fun for you while you won’t necessarily need to wreck your wallet. Below is the list of few of the things you can do in Ottawa even when you are broke AF.

#1: Rent a Canoe

This costs only $8 per person. Canoeing is a beautiful thing and could be a perfect activity you can do in Ottawa even when you have no much money in your wallet. However, you need to be well-coordinated with this, because it could become a hilarious comical scene.

#2: Outdoor movies at Centertown Outdoor Film Festival

This is a 6-week long movie festival. Wait for it, ….it is entirely free. Yeah! Free. A good idea for a date night on Fridays and Saturday

#3: A visit to the Byward Market

Numerous vendors for jewelry, flowers and more unique items in the famous market for display. Where the fun is since we are broke AF is that there’s plenty of entertainment. The market never sleeps.

#4: Tour the Parliament Buildings

If you are into history, art, beauty or that sort of thing, this will really interest you.  The Parliament Building is free to visit. You can choose to be guided on a tour or roam freely all by your self

#5: Hike in Gatineau Park

If you are a beginner you are please advised to try Pink Lake first, then, you can go for the Luskville Fall. The hiking is fun enough but waits till you get to see the amazing view when you are at the top.

#6: Andrew Hayden Park’s Picnic

Watching the sun set while you walk along the waters is such a great experience, and this is just a perfect place for such. And then you stop by the lighthouse to behold the amazing view.

#7: Spend time at the beach

“The beaches are not really world class” Please don’t quote me on the beach but the volley ball on those beaches?  Please do.

#8: Attend the Glow Fair

I need your imagination here for a second. Imagine Yoga on the streets, everyone in neon clothing in the dark paint and then a DJ playing those songs you like to hear. Now, snap out it. That happens only in June every year and admission is so free.

#9: Window shop in Westboro Village

They have cute little shops you can visit, cafes that you can find cheap foods at. However, just because I said “window shop” does not mean I am liable if you spend all your money at these little shops. I can guarantee you will be tempted. Sorry, I meant I can’t. LOL.

This is just to show you that Ottawa is just the best place for all, no matter what your pocket says, you can still have great fun. However, this becomes easier if you find some place online before setting out, using some great platforms lie the Smart Search Ottawa.

No need to thank me, I am just doing my job. Ottawa awaits you.