5 ways to choose a Virtual Private Network for unblocking US Content

There are many VPN services in the market, and with that being said, how do you choose one? In general, most users often get stuck with the wrong provider only because they rushed in, snatching up a great deal. In this case, how do you choose the perfect provider to unblock US regional content while living or travelling abroad? 


In this guide, I’ll be showing you 7 ways to choose the best Virtual Private Network to access mainly US content while travelling outside the country. I’ll also highlight reasons why you might need a US VPN. 

Let’s begin? 

5 factors to look for when choosing a VPN to access US content 

To choose a provider, you need to first understand where your issues lie, what requirements you’re looking for in general and then go scouting. And no, not all providers are the same. They vary in features and overall performance. 

Here’s how you can choose one to access US content from anywhere in the world:

  • Network coverage 

This is the most important if you’re main focus lies in accessing or unblocking US websites, apps or streaming services. Choose a provider that offers a wider variety of US IP addresses or servers. This allows users to have more US server options to connect to incase one server is heavily in use by other users. 

  • Advanced security 

Accessing a US website or app is pointless if you’re caught doing it. The VPN you choose needs to encompass top of the line security features like military-grade encryption to protect your data. Other advanced features to look for are a Kill Switch, Split-Tunneling, protocol switches, Ad-blocker, TOR support, obfuscated servers, geo-spoofing and DNS/IP leak protection. 

  • No-logs policy and safe jurisdiction 

Remember that online surveillance and censorship are at large within the US and accessing its content from abroad is equally difficult to do as it is within the country. Make sure that the provider you go for offers a strict no-data retention policy, protecting user data. A safe jurisdiction outside the 14-eyes regions is a plus point. 

  • Fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth 

To heighten your experience, the provider should offer fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. The average requirement for fast HD streams is 15-18Mbps. The provider you choose should deliver consistent speeds within the same or faster than the average requirement. But, how do you test it? Read the next point and find out how.

  • Test trials/refunds/discounts

These are the final factors to look into, and yes, there are three points in one because they all intertwine. The VPN you choose needs to offer a free trial and refund period mainly to give you a feel of the app and how it works overall. Also, you should know that “the more expensive a VPN the better it performs” is a complete myth. There are many top providers that are offering cheap VPN services and exemplary performance. 

To conclude – Why do you need a US VPN? 

In general, your main target is to access US content from anywhere in the world. However, most US-based content often comes with certain restrictions. So, you’re not only going to need US IP addresses but also strong security features that help break through geo-blocks anonymously. 

So, follow the guide above and you’ll land a top provider in no time that also offers the best VPN deals just in case you’re on a budget!