5 techniques to improve your ‘off-site’ SEO strategy

The SEO Off-site means, as its name indicates, Indexing SEO outside of the website. If On-Page SEO   is extremely important for ever more quality natural indexing, Off Page SEO   continues to represent an indispensable source for increasing visits and obtaining a better position in the search engine ranking.

The links that refer to your page or your e-shop are a key element used by Google to index pages and websites faster. However, the more natural the link and the more e-reputation the page linked to you has, the greater the guarantee of a good position. Also, remember that before opening an online store, you need to think about the SEO indexing strategies to be adopted to develop your business in a meaningful way.

Strategies SEO Off Page  unavoidable

Link Building

The Link Building is the most used technique for getting incoming links to a website. This is a complex operation, but it is very effective. Links that lead back to your online store and come from pages with good PageRank will  increase trust in your website and Google will reward you for it. The links your page receives can be natural or unnatural. The latter represent the heart of Link Building.

Natural links

Without a doubt, the best links to increase SEO rankings are the natural ones. These links lead to the content of your pages naturally, without you asking for it. The best way to get this type of link is to focus on creating quality and exclusive content. Following a   clear and lasting editorial line at the same time is important. The content marketing will be a valuable help for your e-shop that will acquire importance due to content.

Guest Blogging

Posting articles on other web pages dealing with a topic similar to yours guarantees you to insert artificial links. This technique is known as Guest Blogging. Before writing unedited content for another blog as a guest, it is essential to ascertain the conditions of writing and publishing. Usuallythis strategy allows you to place two or three links and the best advice is not to send them back to your main web page. Sometimes sub-pages get more results.

Request link

Although it may seem strange to you, soliciting links directly and sincerely from the owners of other websites can be very convenient. Remember to focus on pages that deal with the same topics as you but do not compete directly with you. For example, if you own a fashion and accessories e-commerce site, you can ask for links to fashion blogs  that do not have an associated e-shop.

Social Network

Social networks represent one of the key elements of Off-site SEO positioning. Even if these social networks do not rank autonomously, search engines gradually give them greater relevance. The viral diffusion of content in spaces like Facebook or Twitter is ideal for increasing the loyalty of your customers and increasing the positioning of your website.