5 Features That the Best Surveillance Systems Must Have

The best surveillance systems are the ones that protect businesses, homes, or other areas where they are installed. We all love to live in a community with security as the main objective. When we talk about secure environment, technology is the double-edged sword in today’s world. In order to keep the environment secure, we have to depend on video surveillance systems.

There are many kinds of surveillance systems available in the market, but in order to pick the best, you have to consider many things.The most important thing to see is that it should not only offer the best features at a reasonable price, but also should update them on a regular basis. Many malicious people out there are always on the lookout for security vulnerabilities so that they can take an advantage of it. The most famous brands,especially Hikvision, make sure that such people don’t succeed in their motives by integrated the right cybersecurity measures.

 Here is the list of top 5 features that thebest surveillance systems must have.

High Definition Resolution

This is one of the main features that every individual must look for while buying a surveillance system. It is very important to have a high resolution system because without it, one cannot view the video footages in detail.

Every prospective buyer should keep in mind that surveillance cameras are used for recording criminal activities and without crystal clear images, it is very difficult for the police to identify the culprit.

Storage Space

Surveillance systems are made to run 24X7X365. So, there should be enough storage space for sure. These devices are designed in such a way that they can send video footage to any external recording device. So,you must purchase a DVR in order to complete the setup. Talking about the storage space, you should go for at least 4 TB storage device to get data backup.

Infrared Detection

Night is the most unsafe time for people as well as property. As we know, day time security cameras are not that good for capturing night views. So, look for a surveillance system, which is equipped with infrared detection for night vision. Don’t waste money on lighting your property by installing lamp posts. It is better to go for an infrared detection security camera.

Weather proof

Surveillance systems are designed for indoor as well as for outdoor surveillance. Some business places like loading docks, parking lots, and parking garages install surveillance systems outside the office area. Hence, outdoor video coverage is very essential. To operate the business successfully, a good security camera should be equipped with weather proof technology.

Remote Video Monitoring

This is one of the best features that can add value to the business and at the same time it will provide a cutting edge technology to oversee the business remotely. With the help of this technology, you can maximize the business profit by reducing labour cost.

Before finalizing a video surveillance system, make sure that above features are part of the security camera.