5 Benefits of Using Decentralized Email

Did you know that spam accounts for 14.5 billion messages globally per day? In other words, this means 45% of all emails are spam.

It’s no secret that individuals and companies get annoyed with spam messages. Just when you think there is nothing you can do about it, blockchain technology saves the day.

Keep reading to learn about decentralized email and its benefits.

  1. Enhanced Security

One of the main benefits of decentralized email is enhanced security. Decentralized email works in a blockchain network that is difficult for hackers to penetrate.

Cybercriminals would need to take over a majority of the existing nodes to control the entire blockchain.

A decentralized email system has increased protection that reduces the potential for phishing, spoofing, and spam.

  1. Contract Management

Encrypted email technology can benefit users in negotiation and contract finalizations. Once parties agree on a reliable ledger and consensus, the blockchain provides the terms of the agreement.

This permanent record is easy to prove user consent to receive marketing emails. Producing these records saves a business money and time. It also prevents infractions of privacy and promotion regulations.

  1. Authenticated Messages

A decentralized email provider has a set of records that get authenticated by computers that store copies. It has a message database that reflects the sending and receiving activity of all who use it.

Blockchain email provides a single source of truth for all messages. Everything you receive is verified by a trusted sender. This can help avoid spam messages.

  1. User Privacy

Email privacy is the main concern for a lot of people. Placing email on a decentralized blockchain means that a single party won’t have control over accounts and messages.

Blockchain messages allow users to keep their emails away from prying eyes. You can own your own data with a secure email from emailservice io.

Plus, if someone wanted to shut down their decentralized email account, they can do so easily. You won’t have to delete all information to do this either so you can also reinstate your email if you want.

If a blockchain email database is copied across multiple computers, users will have a say in how their information gets handled.

  1. Direct Communication

Blockchain technology allows two nodes to communicate with each other directly. The process of communication eliminates the need for a third-party provider.

In some cases, this can prevent someone else from maintaining control over your business data.

Since there is no central email server, nothing can be damaged or experience failure. This means that deleted messages could be saved with an off-chain node. An archive gets created that users can access when needed.

Should You Use Decentralized Email?

Decentralized email puts an emphasis on security and privacy. A blockchain system avoids the need for a third party.

If you use decentralized email, you benefit from enhanced security, contract management, authenticated messages, and user privacy. Direct communication means you can avoid spam and cyber threats.

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