5 benefits of supply chain integration

UP till today, we have been looking at Supply Chain management is a series of individual operational functions and Decisions by

  • Make it
  • Move it
  • Sell it
  • Service it

You have studied all of these processes of the pharmaceutical supply chain separately, but Supply chains are called chains in the sense that these individual functions are interconnected and interdependent. This is the key difference between how most corporations viewed operations 30-plus years ago and how successful modern Operations have adopted a more integrated supply chain approach. That means companies need to pull their employees and business partners out of their silos and have them develop a cohesive team with a shared set of goals and compatible philosophies. A professional football player and a world-class expert yogi both can have similar values and desires strength flexibility. There is needed to be lean Logistics, responsive and depending on the company one department or another was responsible for making a profit. But today competitive companies have knocked down these walls and every level and in every department they have made each one of these goals.

What are the benefits of an pharmaceutical supply chain

End to end visibility

The process of creating cohesion and increasing connectivity is called supply chain integration. The process is covering procurement to process planning and logistics. It makes every person and department in the organization work together rather than working in their own silo.

More flexibility

Supply chain integration has a good impact on day to day functions, above that integration also impacts the disruption management. It can lower down the chances of crisis.

Reduced waste

As the supply chain visibility is maintained, the functions are known and understood better. This helps in lowering the waste. As all of the teams are now working together rather than working individually Different teams within an integrated supply chain should be able to work together to bundle shipments, find new efficiencies, and generally uncover areas of waste and redundancy.

Data centralization

As the teams are linked together there is a better chance of data collection. Every unit in the organization will be well aware of the processes going on and data will be centralized.

Improved margins

Developing a winning team requires the team operators in cooperative and integrated units. They must trust each other, build each other and must strive together to continuously improve and stay ahead of competitors and aiming to beat them every single day.