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 4 Types of Marketing Tools Influencers should Make the Most of

As the time went by, the way users have been consuming the content has changed drastically since the influencers on social media are thriving. It has been deemed more effective than advertising concepts. This has also given rise to the use of new tools and platforms to keep the processes smooth. According to marketing services in Singapore, there are two camps where the influencer marketing tools fall into: those that need influencers to choose a programme and those who don’t. 

Types of Influencer tools


  • Scraping tools


This scrapes the websites and social media pages to solicit information on the influencer, basically the type of content they deploy and the metrics involved like average management rates. If you need to source a load of influencers from different industries on a daily basis, these tools always come in handy. 


  • Influencer opt in tools


The most evident advantage here to have influencers chose a network is that they have to share data. In other words, you will have access to information on how the content campaigns in the past have performed and an exact view of the make of influencer’s audience. Additionally, if you are working with an influencer, you will have more correct and updated data on your content progress. The con here is that these tools pull off from a smaller pool of total influencers. This can be harmful when working on bigshot campaigns or across multiple markets.


  • Audience matching


The numero uno priority of the influencer marketing tools is that where the influencers can be identified on whose audience complements a brand or product. You can choose Kylie Jenner to launch a lip product, but you may need to check if the target audience is right or not.


  • Relationship management


The best influencer tools encompass a relationship management and approval mechanic for tracking the interactions with the influencers and let the content sign off before it is deployed.

Top influencer marketing tool


  • BuzzSumo


This is also called content marketing tool. It is primarily a research and monitoring platform. Here you need to find content that has the highest social shares and then the content creators can identify the potential influencers. This also helps in keeping an eye on your competitor’s progress as well. 


  • BuzzStream


This is the best CRM tool for influencers. It also comes in handy for huge companies and agencies that focus on social outreach. BuzzStream mostly roots for large scale, SEO driven campaign.