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3 Ways to Communicate Privately On the Web

Privacy is a major concern on online these days. Many people have faced this issue in their online activity that their privacy is at stake. Many websites track their user’s activity. That how much time a user spends on particular websites and all. And in this thing communication is a major issue. Because no one ever knows who is reading the message between sender and recipient. Some of messages are very personal, and no one wants others to read them. 

So, to keep you secure while communicating with others, use different ways. There are many options available on the internet that can be used. Some of them are as follows

  • Use a secure drop

Secure drop is a system that offers their user data encryption and no third-party involvement. It offers anonymity for whistleblowers. But the thing is it needs to be used very well. Most of the organization uses this system in order to protect their important data.

  • PGP (pretty good privacy)

Invented in 1991 by Phil Zimmerman for the purpose to securely communicate with others. It has two keys; a public key and a private key. The public key is used for encrypting the message, the message is decrypted by using the private key. It is mainly used for emails. Because nowadays all the corporate and other business things done on email. So, it should be a secret between sender and receiver. And using PGP encryption online service is the best thing to communicate with others.

  • Signal service

It is an open-source messaging app for android and iOS devices for free. It encrypts the phone calls and message so, that the only the sender and receiver can see it. It has various security features. So, that people can communicate with others privately.