Why Should You Upgrade to Dedicated Server? MilesWeb

Is your website running slow? Are you running out of storage? Too tired of noisy users who are sharing the server and resources?

Well, it’s time you move to a better hosting server. 

Selecting a good hosting service is expensive, agreed. What if I introduce you to a web hosting company that offers affordable hosting services? Will you be interested in knowing more?

Web hosting services are essential to keep your website live. But with time, a better hosting service becomes the need of the hour. 

You must have noticed that as your website is growing, there’s a shrink in performance. With the increase in traffic, your website is loading slow. If it continues to respond late, you can lose potential visitors who may be interested in your website.

Visitors are those who keep our website alive right? If you lose them, what’s the use of having the website? 

You must also be running out of storage memory. Your database has increased, you have exceeded the server limit, and are also facing related issues. If you don’t switch, you can fall into a lot of problems.

In such cases, a dedicated server works best. A dedicated server is like that one devoted friend who is with you in your ups and downs and, you don’t like sharing them with anyone. While in shared hosting, you share the single server with many other users. 

Although VPS hosting is inexpensive, you don’t get complete privacy. There’s a little risk of security, reliability and performance after the website starts to receive heavy traffic. So, it is recommended to move to a better hosting option such as a dedicated server.

How Dedicated Server Works?

A dedicated server hosting permits you a single devoted server to your website. 

Your web host will provide you with the server and its access. After that, you can have whole control over it. There won’t be any other user sharing the server with you.

As there won’t be other users, memory storage, RAM, CPU, Bandwidth will be yours and only yours. You can even host other websites on your server to make some money out of it.

The dedicated server will allow you more power over your website. 

The customization and configuration will be in your hands. You can work on the server as you like and, it will increase the performance and security of your website.

Who Is The Best Dedicated Server Provider?

You can purchase the dedicated server from MilesWeb. MilesWeb is one of the most affordable web hosting providers. You can get cheap dedicated hosting plans, and their team will help you with easy website migration. 

MilesWeb offers tons of features with its dedicated hosting service. You don’t have to invest a lot, since it’s cheap. Plus, they are well known for reliability and speed performance.

You can check their plans below –

What Features MilesWeb Offer?

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers come with numerous features. For your reference, I am listing them below. MilesWeb also provides best web hosting services Dubai.

Control Over Servers 

MilesWeb permits its dedicated server users full root access. You will have an entire isolated server with ample resources and enough security to manage and customize your website/application. 

MilesWeb lets you install any web application of your choice and have freedom of server configuration and customizations. It also allows you to access the server from remote locations through the internet.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) 

MilesWeb guarantees 99.99% uptime to its dedicated hosting users. With SLA, you get complete security and reliability. It is on MilesWeb to keep your hosting available, so you don’t have to worry about too much downtime.

Only the top web hosting providers pledge 99.99% uptime. That also means it is the highest in the web hosting industry.

Choice Your Control Panel 

MilesWeb has the best and class control panels available with them. You can choose after analyzing your needs. These control panels like cPanel, Plesk, and Webuzo will definitely help you manage your server with ease. 

Operating Systems 

The web host offers multiple choices of OS (Operating systems). Meaning, with their dedicated server, you can also choose the version of the operating system. Once you decide which OS to go for, MilesWeb will help you get started in minutes. 

Assured Performance 

As you are in a committed environment and have control over your server, no other website’s traffic will impact yours. 

Performance is vital for every website. Anything that you look forward to more is speed and how the website responds to receiving heavy traffic. So, you can expect assured high performance with MilesWeb dedicated server hosting. 

No-Risk of Malicious Activities 

A dedicated server gives you complete privacy. You will experience high security and reliability. Because there is a high level of safety, there will be minimal chances of fraudulent activities.

Managed Dedicated Server 

MilesWeb offers a paid add-on feature where they help you manage your dedicated server. Whether you are technical or can’t invest time to maintain the server, MilesWeb technical team will do it on your behalf. 

Wrap Up –

A dedicated server can give you a lot more privacy than shared hosting and much better resources than a VPS. They are a necessity for growing businesses and other enterprises. As you experience growth, shifting to a dedicated server is a must.

Plus, MilesWeb is one of those web hosting providers that offer hosting services at a lower cost. You can save a lot of money with their cheap dedicated hosting service.