Why AngularJs Is One Of The Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks Today?

AngularJs is the closest thing to true JavaScript that’s currently available. There aren’t any fancy tricks, no special ECMA standards or other requirements that browsers need. AngularJs is what PHP would have been, if it were designed for websites. HTML is simply an incredible descriptive programming dialect for static data, and so making programs is a tedious activity to trap the JavaScript into doing what do want? That’s where AngularJs shines, and why it’s growing in popularity.

Benefits of using Angular JS server

There are several benefits of Angularjs server that make it so popular, and the biggest benefit is that it’s 100% free. This means that there’s no licensing fees, no added functionality costs, no added maintenance costs, no bugs, no or rather lack thereof. This is a huge advantage, especially for beginners looking to start creating fully featured applications and websites for their business or organization.

Other advantages include Angular’s simple model/view-model, and easy migration support from other frameworks likeangular2, react, etc… That makes it a quick and easy upgrade for existing code as well as new projects. It also supports most of the latest browsers, including IE10 and up to Chrome Canary (which render Firefox and Chrome). Most browsers nowadays have built-in support for the popular framework. And with the newest release of Angular, v5, it supports the latest versions of the major browsers.

The two-way data binding that’s a core component of AngularJs makes it an extremely flexible framework. In contrast to some of the older libraries like Rails, Sinatra, and PHP, Angular uses a model-view-controller (MVC) system to provide a simple framework that developers can use and extend. The framework supports both, a simplified data-model and a more traditional MVC system that enables developers to create more complex and tightly integrated views and controllers.

The two-way data binding concept is Angular’s key to success, because it makes it easy to build both simple and complex views and controllers that work together and are decoupled from each other. This two-way system is what makes Angular one of the most practical JavaScript frameworks today.

As mentioned earlier, one of AngularJs’ key features is its ability to seamlessly integrate with popular JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery. This includes support for most popular browser plugins and many others. To take advantage of all these benefits, developers simply need to use a JavaScript framework that provides strong integration with popular browser tools.

Using a highly optimized and feature-rich framework such as Angular will save developers a lot of time, effort and money compared to using different technologies for each feature they want to add to their project. For example, if a developer wants to integrate a data-saving functionality with their Angular development, he or she simply needs to include a data-saving module in his or her AngularJs application. This way, Angular developers have a single place to integrate all the necessary features, easing the burden on the user and reducing development costs.

JavaScript frameworks such as Angular are not perfect. They have their drawbacks such as not supporting all browsers or not supporting a certain technology. However, the AngularJs team has worked hard to make their technology very compatible with all major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and most of the mobile phones. And to make your Angular application development even easier and more productive, consider hiring a professional who can help you get started with Angular and build your web application quickly and efficiently.