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Ways to download videos from Tumblr


If we talk about the social media rating then Tumblr is one of those sites which have a lot of interesting contents on it. There are a lot of things that you can get here. Out of all those, it is easy to download or save photos, but the real problem you face when you need to download Tumblr video, especially on Mac. Now, if one has a good internet connection all the time then he or she won’t feel the need of downloading these videos, but if they go to some place that does not has a good internet connection, then they will definitely feel the need of some content that is saved offline.

Although, Tumblr does not give you the freedom to download videos easily, there are few of the downloader option that could get you the videos you want. So, here is the list of the downloader that can help you in doing so. We have placed them according to their feature and characteristics.

  • VideoDuke

When we are talking about the download of videos, then there has to be the mention of VideoDuke. VideoDuke is the one-stop solution for all those who use Mac OS. If you have already used it, then you must know that it has a lot of features that make your video download process easy and quick. The best part about VideoDuke is that you can download as many formats and you can get access to as many video platforms as you can. If you are a person who is in the constant habit of downloading videos on their Mac OS, then you can simply integrate this app with your browser.

  • Gihosoft tube gates

The reason for placing this application on the second number is that, after VideoDuke, you can actually rely upon this application for your video downloads. This application is for both PC and Mac users and the characteristics that it has will make you a fan. Two of its amazing features are the one-click download feature and the quick transfer mode. One click download feature makes you download the videos very quickly and in just one click. The quick transfer mode allows to you to transfer all the data that you have downloaded quickly on your smartphone or tablet. If you download the pro version of this application, then you can quickly recover the data you have lost.

  • iTube studio

If we talk about this application then the features that are most talked of are the batch download, smart download then convert option, password protection, syncing between the devices and many other. You can download videos from Tumblr or any other website using this application both on Windows and Mac.

If you read the entire points mentioned above, then you will come to know that downloading videos from Tumblr is not actually a problem now. Once you download one of the video downloaders, you will be able to download the videos easily.