VLC Media Player for Android

Now VLC Player is available there for your Androids TV also. If you want to experience high quality audio and video playing on your Androids you can choose VLC Player. Just as the classic VLC Player this also provides you a superb experience of media playing right on your fingertips.

What is VLC Player for Android?

VLC Player for Android TV can recognize as a cross-media platform which enables you to play all your media files. It is an open-source app and can download easily from any app store you would like. The app is free to download as well. Though it is free the app is ads free too. This is a remarkable feature regarding this tool. Because most of the free apps are ads supported. If you want a media player on your Android then this is the best choice. Free and ads free. Go for this wonderful app and enjoy your favorite videos and music with superb quality.

Features of VLC Media Player

The app is good to play all your video and audio files as this supports tons of media formats. Some of the formats includes MKV, MP4, MP3, and many more.

This is a player with fantastic multicore decoding and the hardware acceleration ability. Therefore, this enables to play any media format very easily showing higher performances of the app than the other similar apps.

VLC Player for Android can also have access to any media file on your device. Including the device internal storage, discs, network protocols, network streaming (including Dash and HLS), etc.

Within few seconds you can have access to all your media files. because the app acts as an app manager and gather all the media files in one place. In an orderly manner for sure. As soon as you install the app and open it you can see some folders. Some folders are there for your internal memory, some are for favorites and some are from the network protocols and many more beyond.

This nice arrangement of the app surely makes it very easy for the user to find the preferred file to play. Hence, the app is recognizing as a user-friendly, fast and a reliable app by most of the app users worldwide.

Gesture controls of the app is also very useful. This offers gesture controls for altering the screen brightness, volume and also the seek. Hence the app is very comfortable to use.

If we talk more about the app the subtitles support also must talk. This lets you to add subtitles to your video or else if you wish you can download the subtitles directly through the player. The option to delay the subtitles using the plus and minus mark helps you to sync your subtitles with the video.

The VLC Player for Android supports the Android TV and Chromecast as well.

All the above wonderful features regarding app surely suggests that this is one of the best media players we ever can try on our Androids. So, hurry and download VLC Player for Android and enjoy seamless experience in watching videos and also listening to music/audio.

Download VLC Media Player for TV

This is the most popular and free media player available for all most all platforms. You can download TV version of this media player from Play store, Amazon App Store, AppLinked, Aptoide TV, FileSynced and Unlinked.

Choose your favorite and easiest app store to install this application on your Android TV box. You can find TV code for VLC player from forums, groups and etc.