Using Organic Crystals for Radiation Detection

Ignoring the crystalline form of the organic crystals, the organic scintillators possesses a high sensitivity to both the fast neurons neutrons and protons. In the fast neutrons, when they are exposed to a proton, you will see inelastic scattering. In the case of gamma-ray photos, whenever they come in contact with the scintillating atoms it shows a Compton scattering effect. The outcome of the scattering is fluorescence and the decay time of the atoms varies according to the rate of incident particles energy loss.

There are two kinds of crystals, which are mostly used for radiation detection applications. It can be quite different on the basis of detection meter and that is why you need to choose the sensitive crystal accordingly. So make sure that you learn about the requirements of a radiation detection meter before starting any detection process.


Transstilbene crystals are traditionally prepared using a melt growth approach.The growth process is a complex and costly process. The size of the crystal never exceeds 10 cm. There is another solution for the growth approach, which can help in reducing the time and get larger samples. It can also help in addressing the common issue of classification between the neutrons and gamma-ray photons in low energy areas.

Lightweight stilbenecrystals are non-hygroscopic, solid nature, and non-hazardous. It also finds its use in various applications like nuclear decommissioning as well as portable security gizmos. The crystals can be grown in large sizes, but it still an expensive process.

So you can learn more about the Stilbene, which is a complex crystal when you visit to utilize it properly.


Anthraceneis more popular due to its high scintillation efficiency. When you use stilbene, it will offer you an outstanding n/g separation capability. There are some issues connected to the growing of such crystals in bigger dimensions and they were not popular for numerous years. The interest in these crystals increases in recent years.

The Anthracene crystal offers the greatest scintillation efficiency and it also offers high light yield. It is commonly used for the development of new crystals.

If you want to learn more about the organic crystal for radiation detection, then you can visit You can find some useful information, which will help you to determine which organic crystal will prove useful for the process. By utilizing different types of information can help you to find the right crystal for the detection meter.