Tips for getting your smartphone right

Buying a new smartphone is a process that requires a bit of research. Although you can get to a store and choose the first model that someone presents to you or is on sale, know that there is a good chance you are taking home a device that will not meet your needs.

Likewise, buying the most expensive phone on the market can be a bad investment if you do not have the habit of using all the hardware and operating system capacity. In some cases, having fewer resources is the right choice and best suits your budget.For your info, is one of the best sources.

Here are a few of the things you should take into consideration before closing your deal and putting your new smartphone in your pocket and How you can get metro pcs free phones with activation detailed at ResetTips. Consider these tips as an auxiliary tool and not as strict rules that should be taken literally. In the end, what matters most is having a device that suits your needs.

The best operating system

Forget the concept of “best operating system”. In practice, this does not exist. The question you should ask is “What is the best operating system for me?”. And to get this answer, you need to know a little about the features of the major SOs available in the market.

Both iOS and Android and Windows Phone have very affordable interfaces that do not bring difficulties to anyone. In this regard, it is advisable to go to a store and tinker a bit on a device with each OS to closely check how your familiarity with the system will be.

IOS, present on the iPhone, is stable and has a large number of applications. With it, all you have to do is start using, as there are not many customization options, being ideal for those who do not want to bother.

While Android allows for more customization, and since each manufacturer and operator may include modifications to the interface and applications, it is common to find “different” Androids within the same OS version. In the case of the Google system, the number of free applications is higher.

Windows Phone is the newest OS on the market, but it’s as simple to use as its competitors. It weighs against him that the system has few applications compared to the others. For anyone looking for customization, it is not the best of options either.

Escape from very late versions

How long do you plan to keep your cell phone? Of course, the more, the better. However, keep in mind that no appliance at present is built to have more than two years of service life. After this time, the hardware will be out of phase and the operating system may stop receiving updates.

So stay tuned for the version of OS that is present on the device and search first if it supports updates. With this information in hand, add two more years to the date of release of the latest version that the device supports. The result is not accurate, but it gives an idea of how far the life of the smartphone can guarantee a smooth use.