Think Mobile First When Designing Your Website  

As a responsive web design agency, we know how important mobile first design can be when it comes to designing your website. As of the second quarter of 2020, 51.53% of global web traffic was being generated from mobile devices. As a Jacksonville-based responsive web design agency, this tells us that about half of all web traffic is being done on mobile devices and indicates that having mobile accessible website designs is more important than ever.

So what are some elements of mobile first design that a responsive web design agency might keep in mind when working on your website and what makes them so key to that design? Let’s take a look at a few below!

Why Mobile First?

Mobile first design, whether you are looking for web design in Columbus, Ohio or in Jacksonville, Florida, is going to bring a host of benefits to your website! As a Jacksonville web design company, here are a few benefits that we see in our client’s mobile first websites.

  1. Your website is modern, extremely navigable, and easy to use.
  2. Minimalism has become a staple of mobile first design, affording you an instantly relevant look with your users.
  3. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices tend to generate leads.
  4. By having to condense your information that is present on your site, you will be giving the most relevant and useful information to your users.

Responsive Web Design

Offering web design in Columbus, Ohio, we can tell you simply what responsive web design is. Responsive web design essentially means that a website will automatically adjust to the screen size of any device that it is being accessed on.

This type of responsiveness is an essential part of the mobile first responsive web design agency process. When a Jacksonville-based responsive web design agency takes a mobile first approach, this means that a website design will start with mobile screen in minds first as opposed to the traditional approach of creating a site for the desktop screen.

By taking a mobile first approach, we as a Jacksonville-based responsive web design agency can design and prototype your website for mobile devices first to ensure that your users’ (potential customers and clients) are getting a streamlined experience.

Accessible Design

Accessibility is an ever-increasing part of the online landscape. Offering web design in Columbus, Ohio, we know how much accessibility ties into movie first design. For users with certain impairments, accessible design can make a large difference in their mobile browsing experience.

Since mobile first designs are friendly for small screens, these sites often cause one to condense the information related to your products and services listed on the site. This can make sites more readable by people who might have limited vision.

Making A Site Easy to Navigate

When it comes to mobile first design, making it simple to navigate is an important part of the design process. As a Jacksonville-based responsive web design agency, we do not want to be creating the perfect site for you only to have it be clunky and difficult to navigate for your customers.

By doing away with hidden navigation buttons and hard to access information and pages, mobile first design becomes more seamless for all users. One fantastic option a responsive web design agency can employ is combination navigation! This is a simple way to present the most relevant links and information to users right away with an additional navigation menu that will lead to all other information.

Work With Split Reef

Now that you have a better idea of why mobile first designs are so important to consider for your website, consider working with Split Reef! As a Jacksonville web design agency that also offers web design in Columbus, Ohio, our team of experienced web designers are excited and waiting to get speak to you about your website needs.



Melissa Howard is a managing partner at Split Reef,  Columbus website design company that helps businesses create high performing, responsive websites.