The Truth About IP Addresses and IP Lookup

To most people, an IP address is a digital address that helps the internet deliver content to their computers. The IP address is a vital number that most people little concern themselves with. However, it is fundamentally important. The world has seen a move to digitization. Since the move, the internet has become a vital element of our lives.

The IP address is often used in an internet setting, and it represents a numerical label that is assigned to each device. Each one of these devices must be connected to a computer network. The assigned unique number gets linked to all the online activities.

To understand the functionality of the IP address, we must somewhat understand the internet and how it works. Devices such as phone, tablets, and computers access information through the net. When you need the information such as information or to send a mail you need to have the correct end receiver’s destination — similarly, your device sources data from the computer network. In accessing the information in your browser, the IP address plays a vital role in identifying your gadget; hence one gets to obtain the information. IP addresses are merely regarded as system identifiers.

Properties of IP address

The IP address is a 32bit number, but recently the development of the internet and the depletion of existing IPv4 addresses the internet world have seen 128 bit IP address.

The IP address is written in easy to read notations. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority manages the IP address and also design the IP addresses to meet their designated territories.


IP addresses serve as system identifier and also it provides the location. IP address identifies the network interface. Thus, in this way, one can get information from the web.

IP Address Lookup

This tool helps determine the IP geolocation API. By checking into the IP address lookup, one can figure out important details of the user assigned the IP address. Mostly in combating cyber-crime, detectives will use the details to narrow down their search. The IP address lookup reveals the city, state, country, time zone, and ISP. With these details can find the user of the device. The IP geolocation maps the IP address according to the geographical location, and thus one can freely access the said information.

However, there are technicalities in finding the exact details despite using an IP address lookup tool. The process will require a legal document or a police arrest warrant to get precise information such as the mailing address.