The Most Essential Networking Chain Benefits You can Use


Why is it necessary to network? If you’ve opted for a career as an interim professional, effective networking skills are essential to your success. Since you will regularly change positions and look for new opportunities, a good network of useful contacts is of great value.

The Right Connections

Connections within your sector can prove very useful when you are looking for a new position. Networking involves entering into new business relationships and actively maintaining long-term contacts in the mutual interest.

Hopefully your networking activities will offer you new opportunities and people to turn to for business advice and knowledge.

Opportunities to network

As an interim professional it is important to create opportunities to network yourself. Try to attend as many relevant events in your sector as possible, whether it is a conference, a trade fair or a more social event.

The internet offers an abundance of new possibilities to keep in touch. From time to time, send your contacts including recruiters a personal email update to let them know you’re available and keep your LinkedIn profile always up to date. Also, always look for opportunities to serve your contacts – for example, by recommending their services or introducing them to others. After all, networking works both ways.

Seven top tips for successful networking

  • Set clear network goals for yourself. For example, aim to speak to at least five new people at an event, or to exchange contact information with someone from a specific organization.
  • Keep your elevator pitch ready. This is a brief summary about yourself and your work that will allow you to introduce yourself effectively.
  • Make sure you have enough business cards to hand.
  • Go alone. If you are always with a co-worker or friend, it can be tempting to only talk to him or her and not interact with others.
  • And keep an eye on our current vacancies in addition to your network activities.

You probably hear regularly that networking is important, but why is it so often told? How often do you hear that a good network is crucial for success? That maintaining and expanding it should play a key role in your career strategy? Indeed, often enough. Everyone knows by now that networking is important, but why exactly? With Value Network and Collaboration these questions can be answered properly.

The meaning: what is networking?

Everyone builds a network over time, but active networking and making the most of a successful network is more complex than often thought. Before we start with the ‘why’ question, we therefore first look at what networking actually is.

Networking is the building and maintenance of long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial and can be important in achieving goals in both your career and your personal life. Networking, then, goes far beyond exchanging information or begging for favors from others. It is about establishing relationships with people who often become your community of colleagues or your friends in the continuation of your career.