Rugged Mobile Computers


The technological world has seen multiple changes that have led to the development of rugged machines. As a result, harsh industries such as construction sites can safely operate durable laptops and mobile phones minus the fear of damage. In the subsequent article, we are going to discuss the infamous ragged devices and their efficiency.

Rugged Laptops.

Rugged computers are machines designed to operate in extreme environments. Furthermore, such computers are engineered with stronger electrical components and thicker housing than any other laptops. For this reason, individuals can safely operate their computers and laptops in construction fields minus such devices getting damaged. Also, rugged computers can be quite come in handy for those who are fond of accidentally dropping their laptops or tablets.

Rugged Tablets.

This type of tablet is known to be of two models that are the semi-rugged or the fully rugged nature. The semi-rugged model is short of both a protective case and a rain-resistant case. As a result, semi-rugged tablets are inexpensive compared to a fully ragged model. On the contrary, the fully rugged module is more resistant to both water and dust. Also, a rugged computing tablet is not equipped with a fan and has a fixed hard drive. This makes them preferred similar rugged pc. It’s also worth noting that these devices are used mostly in the transport and logistics sectors. Moreover, they are well equipped with barcode scanner and readers.

Rugged Smartphones.

Rugged mobile computers are designed with a thick seal for a house thus making them usable across all types of terrain. Also, these smartphones are known to meet both the IP and military specifications thereby making them applicable in harsh environments. Lastly, a nicely done rugged smartphone is less prone to damage. Moreover, as a result, they are manufactured by a few companies due to their complex structure.

Areas of Applications.

  1. Rugged mobile computers are applicable in regions of shock and vibration.
  2. Areas of high temperatures and humidity.
  3. Areas of high pressure and high altitude.
  4. Areas of high corrosion and abrasion.


  • They have a flawless hard drive. This makes them a reliable source of data no matter the circumstance.
  • Unlike other tablets and computers, they have a much longer life span. This is mostly attributed to the fact that they are built to withstand harsh situations.
  • Rugged handhelds are equipped with digital screens that can easily adjust with the brightness of the environment. For this reason, users can efficiently operate the devices in both dark and super bright rooms.


  • Most rugged notebooks can fall from great heights minus being damaged. This is majorly credited to the fact that most of the components are robustly built and encased in tight shields.

The development of rugged devices has ensured that individuals can safely operate electrical components in bizarre environments. Because of this, operations can effectively be carried out no matter what setting one is.