Reviewing SEO Services In Singapore: Follow This Guide!

Every other SEO company claims to be the best in business, and as a client, you are probably overwhelmed by many choices, offers and quotes. More than 85% people in Singapore are active internet users, and as many of them access internet via mobile devices. There is no choice but to adopt online marketing for your Singaporean brand, and it all starts with SEO. If you are looking for a reliable and known Singapore SEO agency, you need to check for the right pointers, some of which are mentioned below.

Beware of promises

In every industry, there are a few shady services. It is important to understand that SEO takes time. If a company says they can take your website on top of search results in a week, you should consider that as a red flag. While you may not want to commit to a year-long contract right away, do allow enough time for the SEO agency to prove its merit, which could take anywhere between two to six months. 

Ask for a website review

Site audits are a common practice in the world of SEO, and most agencies offer this for free. A website review or audit is like a comprehensive evaluation of your current website. From checking the on-page SEO elements, to testing the overall technical aspects, like page load time, finding broken images, links and other details, the SEO agency will keep a check on everything. In some cases, the agency may even recommend redesigning the website. 

Go for extensive expertise

Online marketing is more than just SEO, and at some point, you will need the power of search engine marketing, social media, reputation management and email marketing. If you are looking for SEO, we recommend that you select an agency in Singapore that can offer all-inclusive services in the future, if required. You can negotiate the price and other aspects as required, and that also means you don’t have to hire two agencies for the same website. 

Discussing the price

SEO packages are usually customized for every client as required. While the approach and practices may seem similar, SEO agencies treat each brand as a unique case and tweak their services to match their needs. Get an estimate in advance, but the price alone shouldn’t a reason to select a company. 

Always make sure that the services of the shortlisted agency aligns with the marketing needs of your brand.