Movies in Theatres? Here are the Disadvantages

Advancements in technology have provided many options to watch movies. You can watch movies online wherever and whenever you want. Nowadays, people plan to watch movies with family and friends at home comfortably. There are both advantages and disadvantages of going to a movie theatre. In this article, you can find the disadvantages of going to a movie theatre.

Sound and Picture

In movie theatres, you can see the film on a huge screen. It also offers a good sound system. But sometimes you have no control over either of these. The volume may be too high sometimes and it will irritate the audience. The picture may be too bright or blurry and irritate your eyes.


If you miss a scene while watching movies in theatres, it will be difficult to understand the entire movie. When you prefer to watch a movie at home, you can pause and have a break and resume again. If you want to have a snack or refresh yourself, you will miss the part of it. Most of the theatres do not allow smelly food inside the screen because they will smell a lot which will be inconvenient for other viewers. In the home, you can drink and eat smelly food conveniently. If you are not sleepy, you can get up and switch on your laptop or mobile to watch a movie.

Other People

People with different personalities come to theatres. Sometimes they can be a significant source of distraction and annoyance. Many people talk and use their mobile phones while a movie is playing. Some people bring unruly children to the theatre where they cry and make a loud noise disturbing others. They will not care about the children and children might walk and disturb the neighbours. Viewers sometimes kick the back of your seat, spill food or drinks. In a home, you will not have any disturbance and watch movies comfortably eating your favourite food in your bed.

Movie Choices

Many people find it difficult to get tickets because the number of screens may be limited in their area. Some popular movies may not be screened in many theatres due to many reasons. In such cases, you can watch it later online for free. You can watch movies online free. In online, you can select the movie your favourite category movie and watch it with your friends, family or alone. You can select the movies based on the IMDB rating given. Movies with a good rating are worth to watch. You can select the genre based on your situation and mood. If you prefer to watch a movie alone without any disturbance, you can use an online platform. If you have a good home-theatre system installed in your home, it gives the experience of watching a movie in the theatre.


Movie tickets can be expensive for you to buy. You can watch that movie online after 2 or 3 weeks. You can also avoid food and travel expenses.