How to Keep Your Home Warm Using Renewable Energy Sources

Utility bills are some of the highest costs in most homesteads. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult to avoid them or cut the costs during winter because you need more warmth in the house, contrary to previous years. The good thing is, you can switch to renewable energy sources. Why?

Renewable energy suppliers are cheap, and they have attractive tax incentives.

It’s essential to note that it’s crucial to analyses different heating solutions and find the best based on your budget and location. So, which renewable resources would you choose to power your house?

Ways to Power Your House Using Renewable Energy Sources

Solar Panels

This is a device that collects energy from the sun and converts it into useful power for your house or office. The panel is either placed on the rooftop or back yard. The trick is to install the solar panel properly to collect more energy from the sun. You, therefore, have to find an ideal installer; otherwise, you risk damaging your roof.


Biomass fuel is created from manure, agricultural waste, and general debris. This is a great heating solution for a company that is around a landfill.


This option is viable, depending on your location, as it requires water. How does it work? You have to place a turbine through which water will flow through. The power generated by a system is, however, dependent on the amount of water flowing in the stream through the turbine. You’ll also need a generator and a professional to install the system.

Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are suitable if you consume a lot of energy. You, therefore, have to evaluate the cost of installing a wind turbine to that of your needs. The installation can be expensive and take longer to get ROI. Check the intensity of wind in your area before settling to this option.

Air Source Heat Pump

This is an all in one solution. It collects heat from the air outside your house and transfers it to underfloor heating systems, warm air convertors, and other heat systems. The system can harvest energy from outside even when the temperature is as low as -14 degrees Celsius.

The heat pump requires electricity, but the energy it collects from the air is renewed naturally. This is the best energy resource as compared to the above options.

Here Are Some Benefits

  • It requires minimal maintenance cost
  • Easy to install, but it’s essential to hire a qualified air source heat pump installer.
  • It can deliver constant temperature over a more extended period contrary to gas and oil boilers

Take Away

There is an extensive list of benefits of using renewable energy resources. However, the best is indeed the air source heat pump since every geographical area has air from which the system collects energy. So, find the best air source heat pump installer near you and get a quote on the services provided by them.

Alternatively, if you already have a renewable power supply that isn’t as effective as you’d like, consider adding another source. Consequently, delegate some energy needs to one source and others to the rest. In other words, warm your house using air source and heat your water with another.