Free Colour Grading from Free Visuals

Once upon a time colour grading was a whole separate part of filmmaking. As time went on Free Visuals, after effects motion and editing software started catching up to dedicated machines, the process has become easier for anyone who wants to make their work more visually appealing. Nowadays editors are reliant on colour grading to improve upon scenes filmed, especially in natural lighting.

Colour correction is the act of altering the colour quantities of any image that has been captured. This includes contrast, sharpness, blackness, depth and white balancing as well as overall saturation. When colour correction is done properly it can have a huge effect on a video’s overall tone, impact and storytelling. Thus, it becomes an essential aspect of video editing.

In most editing projects, correction is the first step in the process and is about making sure the footage captured looks the way it’s intended. Therefore, as you balance the whites and ensure things are washed out or oversaturated, you can achieve a more uniform look.

When it comes to choosing a great set of presets, you don’t have to pay top dollar. This is where Free Visuals come in. Free Visuals offer a wide variety of presets for free, allowing you to streamline your editing process all while not compromising the quality of your project. The best part is, that these presets are all made by professionals.

 The Types of Colour Grading Presets

When it comes to utilising Free Visuals, you don’t have to worry about a lack of options. There is a lot to choose from.

Cinematic Colour Presets

This is preset that gives your project a blockbuster movie feel without the hefty price tag.

Film Colour Presets

This is preset that mimics old school film colour projects. This preset has a more yellow tone to it and can often give your project a retro vibe.

Singapore Cinematic Look

This preset is based on a collection of images taken of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore and can add a dull, yet calm feeling to the video.

Tint & Glow

This preset adds a bright, happy vibe to any scene it’s added to, and allows for glowing and brightness to be emphasised in the scenes. This preset suits informal videos more as it features a yellow and warm colour tone.

 Pathetic Fallacy

This colour grading preset gives a vintage, nostalgic vibe to any scene, allowing for diffusion and vignette effects to be added to emphasise the mood. This can give your footage a faded look like an old photograph.

AMV purple look

Use this colour grading preset to add a dark, moody look to any scene. The purple colour gradient is added to the edges of the scene for a natural-looking vignette effect. This preset is great for AMVs and vlogs.

One Last Thing

If you are looking to improve your lumetri color grading, you should browse through the hundreds of presets stored online with free visuals. Colour grading is important to video editing, and these presets can give you professional results without effort.