Five ways a Cloud PACS can help your Medical practice

With advancements in technology, a conventional PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is no longer your only option when it comes to image storage and recovery.

A cloud-based PACS eliminates lots of the constraints of a standard PACS. Cloud PACS provide conveniences and benefits that boost efficiency, availability, and in the end, the degree of individual care. A number of those improvements include:


Storage at a cloud-based PACS is generally virtual and offsite. There is no requirement for onsite servers, hard drives or the physical setup of applications. Patient information is automatically streamed right into the cloud because it is created. The storage is readily scalable, letting the cloud to grow as the company grows.


Gone are the days of needing to be tied into the office to see studies. Using a cloud-based PACS, doctors, technicians, and administrators can access individual files by logging into a secure PACS program anywhere there is an online connection. Easily sharing information, forwarding warnings as well as also the ability for many people to get data concurrently are standard operation.

Data Recovery

Virtualization gives an automated disaster recovery program. The servers, applications, network setup and security are automatically replicated and kept in a separate offsite disaster recovery blur. In case of a catastrophe, the cloud restoration will offer the fastest and most effective data retrieval and restoration.


Cloud-based storage may save yourself a significant quantity of money on both the capital and operating expenses. This technology enables the consolidation of multi-vendor storage tools, which considerably reduces storage costs. There’s also a substantial decrease in repair and maintenance because the seller is liable for keeping all offsite equipment as well as applications. Many sellers provide many different payment choices, such as pay-as-you-go, monthly programs, payments per analysis, and one-time charges. It is possible to structure your obligations in the manner that’s most appropriate to your workplace.


The safety of this system and all of the information sent through the internet is encrypted and secure appropriately, even when you’re using a shared system. You will no longer need to be worried about the protection of your patients’ information.

A cloud-based PACS not just offers amenities, in addition, it gives the latest improvements in engineering. Improved cooperation, picture sharing in real time, anyplace access, These advantages favorably affect the performance of your company, while decreasing costs and operational duties.

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