Choosing the Right Steps in Overwatch Now

To become a real professional in Overwatch, you first have to practice a lot, but also have a talent for the game. It is always important to have a team and to practice with it. Communication is important in the game because everyone must be on the same wavelength when attacking or defending goals. With the sr boosting in overwatch this is important.

Teamplay is very important in addition to aim. You must have a true winners mentality and not think that it will come naturally but keep practicing and practicing. A training schedule might look like this:

  • 3 hours of training on aim
  • 40 min training ground
  • 1 hour of skirmish with bots on a certain hero
  • 1 hour of skirmish with bots on another hero
  • Watch your games for 30 minutes to learn from them
  • Play skirmish for 4 hours
  • 2 hours of competitive play
  • And this 5 days a week.

Overwatch Open

Overwatch Open is the largest tournament of Overwatch, first regional tournaments are played in North America and Europe. The best 16 teams participate in the main event, which is in Atlanta, United States in the ELEAGUE Arena. The prize pool for this event is $ 300,000.00 and will be won by Misfits.

Overwatch World Cup

In addition to the Overwatch Open there is also the Overwatch World Cup, the difference between the two is that the Overwatch Open with teams is like Misfits and the Overwatch World Cup is per country. The Overwatch world cup is played during BlizzCon 2016 and the winner is South Korea.


The top 3 of best paid Overwatch players is as follows:

  • Taimou: $ 39,312.16
  • Chip shrimp: $ 38,120.70
  • Cocco: $ 38,120.70
  • The top 3 of the best-earning teams is as follows:
  • Team EnVyUs: $ 222,294.88
  • Rogue: $ 194,334.03
  • Misfits: $ 156,484.12

There are also 6 Belgian players who make money with Overwatch and together they have already earned $ 6,642.30.

  • So this is already the end of my blog post. Have you now felt like playing Overwatch? Then take a look at their website. Be sure to read my other blog posts, they are also full of fun facts!
  • You may have noticed: team-based multiplayer games have become quite a thing in the last five years. Of course there were games like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 before, but thanks to the popularity of games such as League of Legends and DOTA it has grown into a fully-fledged genre: the Hero Brawler.

Games like that appealed to me at first: they are colorful, you have many different characters to choose from and the team aspect also seemed fun. We like to cooperate and play together. Unfortunately we immediately ran into a blockade. The combination of being very scared to disappoint others and a strong fear of failure, resulted in a quick panic attack.