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Becoming Your Best Planner

Becoming Your Best Planner enables you to get authority over your time. With it, you can achieve optimal results.

What is Becoming Your Best Planner?

Becoming Your Best Planner is a paper that is designed to help you manage your time correctly to enable you to have a life balance. Most importantly also is that this fantastic planner can be used by anyone that wants to have a perfect balance of functionality and inspiration.

Moreover, the planner is created on a high-quality thick paper to resist ink bleeding from fountain pens. It also has a spiral bound and extremely durable cover with an elastic enclosure strap and pen holder.

What is inside Becoming Your Best Planner?

The following things inside the planner make it an essential tool to have in your life. These include:

  • Vision section where you will write your vision and dreams
  • Goal section which has examples showing how you can create your own SMART goals for the whole year
  • Monthly calendars for 2020 and 2021 to help you track your progress
  • 52 weekly focused execution calendars from Jan 2020 to Dec 2020
  • two weekly calendar column for prioritized notes and ideas
  • Monthly journal page for entries on happy thoughts and various highlights. 
  • There are motivational quotes and thoughts to keep you motivated.
  • A section for notes on various ideas and journal entries.
  • World map
  • Smooth, high-quality paper to resist ink bleeding when making entries.
  • 170 pages

Why you should have the Becoming Your Best Planner

All of your life will be in one book

Your dreams, goals, visions, and priorities are all recorded in one book. There is also additional space for those important tasks and ideas.

You will learn success strategies

The entire planner has been designed based on the success strategies in Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders.

We care about your success

The planner has freely available tutorial videos on how you can set a vision, goals, and help you have complete control of life and time.

Helps you get focused

Our Becoming Your Best Planner has a template that allows you to develop a successful time management plan to see through your tasks. With our simple weekly guides, you can plan your week and optimize your results. 

Eliminating the Monkey mind

We know that a busy lifestyle can be too much at times. Empty your mind by writing all the things you want in a functional system that helps you have high performance.

Stay positive

Throughout the entire planner, there are more than 65 motivational thoughts and messages to inspire you to great success. 

Accomplish your dreams

Becoming Your Best Planner has a vision creator where you can write down your broad life goals. You can then track them using the yearly Goal tracker.

Create a memory

The planner is made of luxurious and long-lasting materials to help you use it and enjoy success for very many years to come.

Do you want to change your lifestyle and bring the best out of you? Well, Becoming Your Best Planner is a product you should have.