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Barbie dolls have always been fascinating, especially to the girls. The franchise has been very successful over the years. But the fans have been waiting for the hit movie franchise Star Wars, to add to their collection. Star Wars fans have grown massively over the years after the film. Now that Mattel has announced the new range of barbie dolls. Princess Leia Barbie doll is a part of the collection, but the exciting part of the new line is a doll that depicts Darth Vader who is dressed up like a woman form of R2-D2.

The new Star Wars collection of barbie dolls have been designed into high fashion dolls and have been made available online. Buy the latest and Hottest Holiday Toys 2019 online on Amazon today, to satisfy your love for star wars and barbies as well. 

The Darth Vader Barbie is wearing a shiny black peplum top, a pencil skirt and knee-high boots. She also is wearing metallic details at her collar and waist, with dark glasses, and a long, back cape. The look no doubt is too stunning. She is probably the most stunning, impressive and threatening of all, which looks like Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour if she would attend a Met Gala.

The R2-D2 barbie also is dressed in a geometric fashion with a dome skirt, bomber jacket and thigh-high boots over silvery tights. Her hair is tied up in a vibrant blue ponytail and she has a 

Radar eye detail to complete her look. In fact, one of the twitter users pointed out that she turned the droid into a purse!  

Then comes Princess Leia Barbie doll who wears the iconic Princess Leia gown that goes down to the floor. She wears a silvery peplum belt and cuff jewelry. The doll also dons Princess Leia’s signature bun hairstyle. The doll’s look is inspired by her iconic dress from A New Hope but adds some high fashion with a rebel-alliance purse, high heels, and redesigned buns. 

hey look like they come from planet vogue. I am sure all 70’s kids love star wars. Asif barbie decided to go to Comic-con, the dolls’ designs are more like cosplay than actual representations of our beloved characters. The designs are imaginative and thus exciting. 

Though these barbies won’t be released until November 18, you can always place an order for these Hottest Holiday toys 2019 to make yourself the best holiday gift, if you are a great fan of star wars.