Back up of Google drive WordPress tutorial

The human brain can memorize everting they want to but in the case of technology, it is different, as there can be a technology fail. It’s very important to back up every file in your laptop and desktops. When you back up your website there are two important things that you need to keep in mind like how often you back up and at what place you back up your files.

If you are working with Google Drive WordPress, then you must have 3 backups. All the back up should be in different places. The web host company that you work with will have a different backup solution to this. This is not the only solution for backup there are many more places that you need to set to get your back up done.

When you back up your website in the tactile storage device such as DVD/CD, external hard drive, USB is one of the hassles to work with.

Cloud store:

one of the best backs up you can deal with is with the cloud storage. They offer 15 GB of free storage for anyone with a Google Account. If you need more storage place, then for that you need to buy space.

WordPress Backup: Google Drive 

Many backup plugins can help in connecting your website to WordPress. One of the best ways of backing up your website is by Google Drive. There paid WordPress backup plugins are in par such as BackupBuddy, BlogVault, and UpDraftPlus are free to use. You don’t have to worry to use for your work as they are used by Microsoft, Forbes, Princeton, MIT, and even NBA. Below are some of the features which include:

  • Ease to use: if you want to backup with just a click then UpdraftPlus comes with a user-friendly interface and will even help in making it easy schedule.
  • Fully automated backups: most of the free backup Google Drive doesn’t come with this type of facility of fully automated backup.
  • Backups customized: you need to choose which file you want to save as a backup instead of all the whole WordPress database. So that you can make the most of the cloud storage.   
  • Place you want to keep the backup file: UpDraftPlus helps in downloading all the backup documents in the cloud storage service or on the computer such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon s3, One Drive, Rackspace, and many more.

WordPress Google Plugins to integrate with your website                  

Many services are provided Google Plugin which helps in updated and can easily be searched on the web. Starting from Calendar, Analytics, Review system, Interactive maps, Advertising, and much more. Below is one of the examples from all the options.

  • Analytify: analytics of any company is very hard to handle in all the cases. The statically information of your site is having guesswork that is it can be dangerous as detailed analytics is required for the site for deciding so that changes can be made accordingly. Analytify may be the solution for getting detailed as well as accurate analytics so that you can improve the statistics of your site according to your needs.
  • the key role of the site is the statistical representation of it by knowing about the all over the progress that your website is having. This helps in demonstrates the statistics related to the website are a very organized, and simple way. To understand the site’s growth and its overall growth in the website market. One of the popular WordPress analytics Google Plugin is the best and only solution for any E-store owner, Site Manager, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, etc. this helps in keeping all the analysis details of the website you are working with so that you can keep a proper eye on conversion, and sales.

Key benefits: 

  • It helps in measuring significant growth in conversions and sales.
  • It’s very easy to use and integrate with WordPress.
  • Helps in racking in on-page.
  • It helps in maintain the real-time statistical representation of the website you want.
  • For managing marketing campaigns, they have the feature of universal tracking.
  • Helps in the enhancement of e-commerce tracking.
  • Helps in viewing the details of the post from the front end without logging into the dashboard.